Fortnite officially beat PUBG on many fronts

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“Strong love” between PUBG and the number one position of Twitch – the world’s most popular livestream app, seems to have come to an end. During the last year, the game survival shooting Blockbuster has always been in the top of the most watched games on Twitch. In August 2017, PUBG even successfully “won the throne” of the “great king” of League of Legends, the game that has always been at the top of the viewership of this application for the past few years (73.7 million vs. 71.9 million). However, PUBG’s “career” seems to have gone to the other side of the slope. Fortnite Battle Royalea title shooting game another survival, has surpassed his bug-filled predecessor and hack.


In recent weeks, according to statistics, the average viewership in a week of Fortnite at Twitch is 139,000. Meanwhile, this number in PUBG is only 64,000. Conspicuously, Fortnite has defeated its predecessor with overwhelming stats. Not stopping there, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Ninja, has also switched to playing Fortnite. From December of last year to the present, he has “earned more” more than 50,000 subscribers. Other famous PUBG streamers like Grimmmz or Summit1G also started playing Fortnite every day.

PUBG was officially launched last December (before that it was just a demo). Surprisingly, it failed to maintain its “dominant throne”, and was “dethroned” by Fortnite, who is considered a follower. One of the reasons for this paradoxical situation comes from PUBG itself, when it is rated as “full of bugs”. Playing suddenly crashes, stuck in terrain, server overloaded… all these errors, plus a large number of “hackers and cheaters”, have made real PUBG players crazy. The game’s most famous streamer, Dr.Disrespect, has repeatedly “rage-quit” because of too many errors. Currently, Doc is also tending to play Fortnite, a game with fewer bugs and less hacks.


Fortnite vs PUBG, which is more fun to watch? It is very difficult to make an exact judgment. However, Fortnite is a free game, and PUBG “demands” up to nearly $ 30, so the number of players exposed to Fortnite will be more understandable. In addition, the successor has been released on PS4, and the predecessor has only stopped at Xbox One. It must be known that the number of console gamers will also contribute significant numbers to the total number of players. The reason PUBG has not been able to release the PS4 version, again, is because the game has too many bugs. Compared to Microsoft, Sony has much higher requirements for partners. A game with many bugs like PUBG will certainly face many difficulties to appear on the most popular console today (Xbox One accepts titles in early access, PS4 does not).


Talking about the number of players. Last month, Fortnite’s total player count across all platforms reached 3.4 million, beating PUBG’s 3.2 million on Steam. Of course, we cannot say that Fortnite has surpassed PUBG in this area, as the number of PUBG players on Xbox One is still unknown. However, just looking at the above numbers, we can also say that Fortnite will overtake PUBG in terms of total players sooner or later.

Epic Games is continuously releasing new content as well as updates for Fortnite Battle Royale. Therefore, believe that this advantage of Fortnite will continue to be maintained, when PUBG has a rather slow innovation. However, this battle will definitely not end easily, when PUBG is also available positive moves to improve yourself. The competition of the two games, of course, is good news for players, as we are the ones who benefit from it.

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