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Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Instagram and Facebook DDoS attack

Popular social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook Messenger was down for about an hour on 11/18, causing user cannot text and surf the web.

Originally speculated to be a attack into the Facebook serverbut currently a hacker group stood out responsibility about the outage affecting users primarily in North America and Europe.

Lizard Squad posted on their Twitter page on November 18 saying that they were the organization behind the Facebook platform-wide outage.


“Try sending messages via Instagram, Facebook Messenger”

This outage was originally suspected to be a denial of service attack (DDoS), overloaded Facebook’s servers, making it impossible for users to access the site themselves. Messages failed to deliver to Messenger and Instagram, posts were not posted and uploaded on Facebook.

Lizard Squad is a hacker organization veteran, has returned after a series of recent attacks. Fortnite, Modern Warfare and the British Labor Party have all been targets of this notorious organization.

However, their attacks went unnoticed by authorities, with a member of the Lizard Squad in the UK reported to have been arrested on 16 November following the attack on the Labor party.

That attack drew widespread media attention after the group allegedly accessed Jeremy Corbyn’s party bank account, hitting the party hard in the midst of a UK election campaign.


For now, Facebook and its related services are up and running, so users will be able to use Instagram, Messenger, and other websites without interruption.

Facebook has yet to issue a statement about the November 18 attacks.​

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