Crossfire Legends – What’s so exciting about Christmas in the CFL?

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Air Xmas has flooded the whole country and now it’s starting to spread in the arena too CrossFire Legends. NPH VNG has blown up the Christmas atmosphere with 3 X-mas-themed maps: Toy Area, Christmas Party, Snow Desert.


Christmas Party Map – Team Battle, Rank Battle: Listen to the name, you can see that this is a map with bold colors of the Christmas season. This map features familiar Christmas images such as Santa Claus, a lighted tree and colorful gift boxes. The feature of this map is symmetry, the terrain of both sides is the same. The Christmas Party combat zones are narrow and out of sight.


Toy Zone Map – Team Battle, Rank Battle: The map brings the gunner back to his “intense” childhood with bright, colorful, youthful and playful colors. This map is long and narrow, symmetrical on both sides. Especially, there is an automatic slide that can take players from one shore to the other. Gunners will definitely have interesting experiences with the Toy Zone.


Snow Desert Storm Map – Bombing: Still the familiar map of Bomb mode, but it is covered with white snow to match the winter atmosphere and for Christmas. This will be a very interesting experience for the CFL ADC.


In addition to opening maps with a Christmas atmosphere, NPH VNG also launched attractive Christmas events exclusively for CrossFire Legends shooters.
The first is the event “Login to receive Christmas gifts”: From December 22-25, gunners only need to log in to the game to receive their Christmas gifts with:​

  • Xmas Grenade 7 days and 388 Mastery points
  • VIP 3 and above receive more C4-Smartphone 7 days
  • VIP 7 and above get more Gold Dragon-Flash 7 days



Especially, this Christmas, NPH VNG will continue to open a lucky money event with a total value of more than 50 million VND for CFL gunners. Specifically, 14 “giants” from the Steering Committee this time will be more generous with 8888 gems each person giving out for each lucky money, instead of the usual 2888 gems, for a total of nearly 630,000 gems. The time to distribute lucky money is from 20:00 to 21:00 on December 23.

  • The distribution of lucky money will be repeated every 15 minutes, which means that from 20:00 to 21:00, the Board of Directors will distribute lucky money a total of 5 times.
  • Each gunner can only receive lucky money up to 2 times.
  • The accounts that distribute lucky money of the Commanding Committee will not ask the gunners for any information, especially about the account. Shooters take note to avoid scams.

Are all CFL marksmen ready to celebrate Christmas with CrossFire Legends? Don’t forget to play CFL on these chilly days!

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