VLTK Mobile – The appearance of a copy of Son Tung – MTP surprised people

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Recently, a clip recorded the voice of a gamer when participating in an exchange on a friendly channel showing his singing talent, making many players Martial Arts Mobile Can’t help but be surprised because it is too similar to the voice of male singer Son Tung – MTP. He also often uses Son Tung’s hit songs to express like “We don’t belong together”, “Like yesterday”… Even many people believe that this is the real “Boss” because Not only in the voice, this gamer also uses the nickname Son Tung – MTP to play VLTK Mobile.



However, if you are a fan of Son Tung – MTP or have heard many songs of this male singer, you can see that many of these gamers sing are not quite the same, not to mention the pitch, the level is not reached. standard of a singer. Therefore, there are also many doubtful opinions asking this guy to prove his identity.

In response to speculations and doubts from other players, this male gamer spoke up: “I don’t need to prove I’m Son Tung. I sing for people who love my music, I don’t need to prove anything.” And then he continued to show his voice.

Before these conflicting rumors, another male gamer personally stood up to confirm the fact by going to server 415, befriending this character and talking on the friendly channel. Accordingly, the character Son Tung – MTP denied that he was Son Tung, nor did he intend to impersonate this male singer, just because people speculated by themselves. “Why don’t I see what I mean when people keep saying it’s Son Tung M-TP. What can people do, but my voice is not like Son Tung.” It is known that this male gamer is also Thai Binh, so he has a similar voice, as he explained: “You must have never heard Thai Binh’s voice before, right? Everyone’s Thai Binh voice is like that.”

Currently, to avoid similar misunderstandings, the nickname Son Tung – MTP has changed to Kiss-love-pig, Tri Ky guild, server 415. So the matter is completely clear and will probably also be disappointing. for many people. But maybe in the future, VLTK Mobile gamers will be able to see Son Tung – the real “genuine” MTP?

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