Fortnite 10/15 Update Details

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A new chapter begins, this 10/15 Fortnite update you’ll discover a new way to highlight your creations, new gear and improvements to your existing gear, let’s follow up.

On October 15, Fortnite officially updated to the latest version, the arrival of Chapter 2 has brought a lot of new content, Grassy Hill Hub and Shoreline islands for players to explore.

Fortnite 15 10

October 15th Fortnite Update

Fortnite 10/15 Update Details

1. New Features

A) Template Islands
If you want to kickstart your creativity or learn how to create a new game mode by the developer, check out the Template Islands available in the Island Creation menu for everything down to the details.

B) Haunted House Prefabs

Fortnite 15 10 2

Perfect for a haunted adventure

2. New Island

– In the 10/15 Fortnite update, the publisher added 2 new islands to the game
+ Grassy Hill Hub: A new model island has been added for design use.
Shoreline Island: A new flat grass island surrounded by beautiful beaches.

– Added 4 new Prefabs
+ Villa of ghosts
+ Haunted house
+ Ghost observatory
+ Ghost farm

– Added 6 new Galleries
+ Magic Galleries
+ Galleries ghost wall
+ Galleries ghost stairs
+ Galleries haunted roof
+ Variant foliage Galleries
+ Variant Stone Galleries

Fortnite 15 10 3

3. Bug fixes

– The game will not end immediately if Last Stand is set to On.
– Players will no longer be knocked out by a spiked trap while surfing.
– Improved game time at start.
– Balloon Witch and Spiders from Spooky Prop Gallery have been updated with new floating animations.
– Fixed many props from Spooky Prop Gallery that didn’t have an image.
– Fixed an issue where a floor tile from Galleries Villain Lair could not be destroyed.
– Mounted turrets will not disappear during the map reset phase between rounds.
– Creature Placer devices will no longer activate before the start of the game.

Above are the full details of the Fortnite update released on October 15, 2019. Fortnite Session 10 is officially closed with lots of rewards, season 11 will come in Fortnite Chapter 2. Fortnite Chapter 2 update adds Battle Passand many more features will be released in the near future.

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