How to mark email as read on Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is an email management software with many extremely handy features on computers, providing users with a timely and optimal email browsing solution without consuming too much computer resources. However, Outlook is not without its limitations, such as not being able to display the read status of emails. Taimienphi will guide you to mark read emails on Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is an email management solution in the form of an email client provided in the Microsoft Office office suite. Microsoft Outlook not only supports Microsoft email formats like Outlook mail, Hotmail but also support Exchange other email services we often use like Gmail, Yahoo mail…Outlook will use email forwarding protocols so that we can send and receive mail on other mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail right on the same interface.

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However, the limitation of Microsoft Outlook is does not show the read status of the email even if we have already clicked to read the content . This is quite inconvenient because we often do not have the habit of ticking read emails to distinguish them from new emails, making our inbox very difficult to manage and difficult to distinguish old and new emails. Taimienphi will guide you to mark email as read on Microsoft Outlook

How to change the read email status on Microsoft Outlook

As usual, for an email, when finished reading and want to mark as read, you do the following:

Step 1: Start the Microsoft Outlook email interface

Step 2: Select any unread email

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As you can see, even if you click to read the email, the display status of the email remains the same. To mark an email as read, right-click it, select Mark as read

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However, this is a manual way, you can immediately change the read email status as soon as you click on an email to read. You act as follows:

Step 1: On the main interface of Outlook, you click File

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Step 2: Click select Options

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Step 3: In the window Options select Mail press Reading Pane

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Step 4: Tick ​​the box Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane enter the value 0 in the box below.

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The default value of the option is 5, we change it to 0. This means that, before changing, when clicking on an email, after 5 seconds of reading it will be automatically set to read status. When the value is set to 0, the email will immediately change to read status as soon as the user clicks on the email to view the content

Press Ok to complete, you proceed to receive the email and try again.
Through this article, in addition to understanding how to mark the status of read emails in Outlook, you can also use these options to make it easier for you to browse your emails. To use Outlook software most effectively, you should create your own Outlook email to connect and use together for Microsoft services.

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