Speech touched the LGBT community, the CS: GO superstar was immediately locked by Twitch

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Oleksandr Kostyliev male gamer born in 1997 known as “s1mple” is a professional Counter-Strike: Globlal Offensive gamer from Ukraine. He is currently playing for Natus Vincere and is considered one of the players CS: GO the best in the world.​


Recently, fans of s1mple channel detected Twitch This gamer’s account was suddenly locked and is no longer available since yesterday (August 13) without any explanation. The Dexerto page contacted both s1mple to clarify the matter but did not receive a reply. A Twitch account lockout can happen for any number of reasons, or violate the terms of service, guidelines, or violate copyright.​


Not long after, eSports reporter Slasher revealed the real reason why this CS: GO superstar’s channel was locked. According to Slasher, during the FPL match that took place on July 29, s1mple and his teammate Boombl4 made jokes and somewhat insulted the gay community. In Russian, pidar is a swear word and it also appears a lot in the game with the meaning of cursing the opposite person as worms or gay jars. So Twitch admins definitely can’t stand still even if it’s just a joke of s1mple.​


“Pidar” is a swear word that often appears in the game, but its meaning also more or less touches the already sensitive LGBT community. Therefore, it is understandable that this gamer’s Twitch account was banned, 1 week is not too long a time and this incident does not affect the reputation of s1mple. Maybe after the livestream, male gamers should pay more attention to avoid making mistakes like this.​

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