How to remove BOTs in CSGO

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BOTs in Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO recently received a pretty much needed upgrade, improving their skills and making them much more intimidating opponents, especially for new players.

If you want to remove BOTs in CSGO, kick them out of your game without knowing how? In this article, Taimienphi will guide you to do it in a simple, easy way.

how to delete bots in csgo

Tips to kick AI, BOT in CSGO shooter game

Instructions to delete BOTs from private servers in CSGO

Step 1: To kick the BOT out of your game, you need to first activate the console and open it with tilde (-) key The default is on the keyboard, this key holder is below the . button ESC.

– Tutorial enable console in CSGO here.

Step 2: Next in the dashboard Console, you enter the command mp_limitteams 1 enter and press Enter to prevent the BOT from participating in the game.

Step 3: Then you continue to enter the code mp_autoteambalance 0 to prevent BOTs from automatically balancing from one team to another.

Step 4: Finally, type bot_kick to delete all BOTs. Also you can also have bots from CT side by entering command bot_kick ct or bot_kick t for T side. In case you want to add BOT to either side, you can use the command bot_add t or bot_add ct, add players to your team or opponents to create balance if necessary.

how to delete bots in csgo 2

If you enter the command correctly, you will see at the bottom left of your screen in the chat that “BOT player ___ has left the game (Kicked by Console)”. This means you have successfully removed all bots from your server.

Remember, this command only works if you have direct permission from the server to add or remove BOTs. If you create your own game you will have no problem doing so, but if you join another server (sever) you will not have the ability to control the number of BOTs at that server.

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