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Fishing game has never been so “stimulating” with Fishing Strike

In fact, no one looked up the titles fishing game to enjoy the peaceful moments like in real life. Therefore, it will be easy to understand, when the titles mobile games monstrous and exhilarating like Fishing Strike can make a strong impression on players.


The start of Fishing Strike is quite peaceful, as you swing the lever to throw your ‘fake fish’ into the water. At that time, the screen will switch to the “view” of the prey, and you have to control how the “real fish” bite the bait. If successful, everything will happen similar to other games of the same genre, you and the fish will have to “fight” against each other before catching it.


In general, until now, everything will be ‘normal’ like every game fishing is different. Fishing Strike only becomes special, when every time you successfully fish, there will be a certain probability for a spoiler to appear. That person, “obviously” is a giant shark that will leap out of the sea and snatch the fish you just caught. The music in the game starts to ramp up, and you’re on the verge of winning a feat far more epic than what’s just been robbed.


Immediately after being “robbed”, you will immediately have the opportunity to compete with that shark. Of course, its health and health will be many times higher with the “bait” that it has just bitten. complete. In general, if you have to face it alone, the hope of catching this shark is probably zero. Luckily, the game has provided you with help rights to use in different situations. difficult position. Pay attention to the character icons on the left side of the screen, which are friends with different moves to support you in this unequal “war”. They can summon a giant whale, or even a tornado to slam down the shark’s head, lowering its HP to zero, and giving you a glorious feat.

The game allows players to travel to many different locations to fish and conquer

In short, as mentioned above, Fishing Strike is a fishing game on mobile, and its entire gameplay adheres to that essence. However, the game makers have made a strong impression thanks to their creativity, when giving players the opportunity to conquer the “ocean legends”, and thereby create their excitement. . In addition, the graphics in the game are also considered to be quite superior to other games of the same genre. For those who love fishing, or are simply looking for a game to kill time on mobile, then Fishing Strike is definitely a very suitable candidate.

Players can download the English version of the game on both iOS and Android systems at the following addresses:


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