Far Cry 5 gamers scour the trail of monsters

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Far Cry 5 owns a series of side quests called Prepper Stash, allowing gamers to solve simple puzzles to find the key and where to store countless valuable treasures. They are considered as treasures in the game with the ability to provide a large amount of money, ammunition .. as well as Perk Point – a form of Skill points in the game.

However, it seems that in addition to supporting the economic ability for gamers, Prepper Stash is also hiding spooky mysteries in Far Cry 5. Not so, but one of the Prepper Stash missions led the player to the house. Abandoned Ohara Haunted House. There, before entering the house, the player will see a silhouette appear briefly by the window. However, when you enter the house and get to the right door, you will see no one… but a red balloon floating in the air, a phone call with a clown’s ghostly laughter.. and a A piece of paper with strange words about fear. Yes, that is the hint of the existence of Pennywise – the infamous ghost clown in the IT horror movie.


But that’s not the only thing in the game that makes players’ hearts race. Accordingly, Far Cry 5 gamers have just discovered a whole new mystery about the wild creature or even more familiar through the name Big Foot. The story begins with a Prepper Stash quest that leads the player to the far reaches of the Whitetail Mountains. Here you will find the cottage of a hunter named Dicky Dansky. However, this wooden house is locked with a note left with the following content:

Immediately this piece of paper leads gamers deeper into the mountain where players will have to find Dansky’s key to unlock the wooden house. However, when arriving at the campsite that is said to be this hunter, the gamer suddenly witnessed an extremely spooky scene. There beside dozens of bottles and a bag of cement were fragments of human bones with blood splattered on the ground.


From here the player can swing to a higher position and there they will find a corpse. Yes, that corpse was Dansky, who seemed to have been attacked by some creature to death. Around the area of ​​the guard post and Dansky’s body, gamers can see a few larger-than-usual footprints. If using the key collected from this hunter’s corpse, the player can unlock the wooden house and receive countless rewards. However, one of the belongings that Dansky left behind was a map with many marked locations.. But based on the markings on the map, these locations were crossed out by Dansky after searching and finally ended. ended with his death near the old guard post.


But the clues don’t seem to end here. Accordingly, in a manuscript found in the wooden house, Dansky began to obsess about the creature when he was still a consultant for the campsite. Here, when he led a group of students to explore the forest, he accidentally saw a humanoid creature of extremely large size. Since then until now Dansky began his tireless hunt… and perhaps also the cause of his death.


Based on this story, many gamers have tried to find different campsites in the game and since then also have many different maps. From these maps the player discovers new locations circled and begins his search campaign throughout. Far Cry 5. Some spend the day there for the chance to see the creature, others venture to the edge of the game world.


One of the most notable locations is a wooden house located in the Northwest of the map. Here a piece of paper narrates the journey of a hunter determined to find the bear that killed his parents. When following a clue to a nearby cave, the player finds two skeletons and the body of a hunter.. Gamers immediately raise the question of whether they really died at the hands of the other bear or not? Or is there a more bloodthirsty creature behind these deaths?

That answer is still unanswered…

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