Firefox – Enable the “Click – to – Play” feature on the browser

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When browsing the Web on Firefox, there are many websites with media content that run automatically that can make your browsing longer, especially those with advertising clips.

Firefox owns a lot of outstanding features compared to its competitors IS Google Chrome or Coc Coc, the Click-To-Play feature is also one of which famous browsers like Google Chrome do not have. When activating this function, when browsing the web you just need to click if you want it to work and accordingly your website loads faster, surfing the web faster than before. And the following article of will help you enable this function on Firefox browser, follow along.

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Step 1: Open browser Friedox yours, type in the address bar the words: about:config and press Enter.

click to play on firefox

Step 2: Then the browser will appear a message, we Click into the text “I’ll be careful, I promise!”(I’ll be careful, I promise) to continue.

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Step 3: In the search box write the words Plugins.click_to_play

Afterward, double click Enter the text to convert to the value true.

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Hours restart browse and visit certain music or video sites, you will be notified to click on the plugin to activate it.

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From now on when you visit the website will not automatically play video, audio, images …. more, instead you just click to run. Thus, in the article on, I have shown you how to enable the Click to Play feature on Firefox browser, hopefully this little trick will help you in the process of accessing the internet.
In addition, on Firefox you can also install additional extensions to help your web browser own more features, more utilities to help your use process more. way install extension on Firefox Also very simple and easy to use.

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