The reason why your Facebook Ads ad campaign failed

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You are having a headache because your Facebook Ads advertising campaigns failed without knowing the reason, please refer to the following article of to find out in detail the causes of this error. .

There are many different reasons why the Facebook Ads Campaigns failure. It could be because you are targeting the wrong ad target audience, … .

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Why did the Facebook Ads campaign fail?

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The reason why your Facebook Ads ad campaign failed

1. The target audience is too wide or too narrow

In a Facebook Ads ad campaign, the target audience is one of the factors that determine the success or failure of that campaign.

There is something that very few people know, Facebook allows users to create custom audiences. Many ads fail simply because users are targeting the wrong audience.

If your target audience is too narrow or too broad, it will lead to high CPC (cost-per-click) while low audience reach rate, … and considered a failed campaign. .

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2. Advertise on too many platforms

The default Facebook ad position is set to Automatic Placements (automatic placement), show your ads on several social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. However, using the same message and image to advertise on multiple platforms can be costly and ineffective.

Each social media platform will feature “exclusive” advertisements, designed specifically for that platform and its audience.

3. Only use images for advertising

If you only focus on using images to advertise, you are missing out on other advertising opportunities that Facebook supports. For example, video ads on Facebook, 10 – 30% higher and provide 11 times more information than image ads.

4. Refuse to invest, refresh ads

Most marketing experts recommend that users change their ads at least every 2 weeks. While this can be a bit time-consuming, it offers many benefits to a Facebook ad campaign.

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5. Do not expand the scope of the object

Another reason why a Facebook Ads campaign fails is because you only “take care” of targeting existing audiences and customers without expanding and finding new potential customers.

Instead of expanding your target audience to reach more users, you can try using Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to reach potential target audiences by delivering ads to a similar audience. your existing customers.

6. Wrong Bidding

To set up, bid Facebook ads, you can choose the option Manual to set up bids manually or Automatic to set up automatically. If choose option Manualyou will have to do an extra step to set the amount you want to spend each time the user clicks on the link.

What about if you choose the option? AutomaticFacebook will determine the ad bid for you.

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7. Text abuse

Facebook recommends users not to “abuse”, using a lot of text in ad images, which can create a lower user experience. Of course the platform can approve your ad, but the screen will show a warning.

The quality of your Facebook ad will be better if the text is no more than 20%.

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8. There is no specific outcome goal

In each ad campaign, you can’t skip defining the goal for each campaign, including likes, clicks, purchases, subscriptions, downloads, and comments.

In addition to each advertising campaign, you should build different strategies and approaches. There are no stereotypes and there are no set rules for successful campaigns.

To fix this cause you need to refer to the article about Facebook advertising strategy to capture clear information, reach customers more easily.
The above article has just gone through for you some reasons why Facebook Ads advertising campaigns fail. Hope the above article has provided you with useful information.

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