Tips to fix Google Chrome crashes

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Google Chrome is one of the browsers used by the whole world, but sometimes Crash errors appear to annoy you. Refer to the content below to know how to Fix frequent Google Chrome crashes.

Method 1: Debugging for Flash

Flash can be the cause of browser crashes.

Open Google Chrome, enter the command about:Plugins into the browser address bar and press Enter. Find the Flash extension and click Disable. Then you proceed to restart Google Chrome to check.

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If it has been processed, this is the cause, if not, then proceed to the next way.

Method 2: Delete the Local State file and rename the Default folder

Close Google Chrome, open Windows Explorer and enter the command %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data in the address bar and then press Enter.

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You will find the Local State file and delete it.

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Then you rename the Default folder to Default.old. Open Google Chrome and check if the error is fixed.

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Method 3: Reinstall Google Chrome

If the above two methods still do not work, please delete the browser you are using and reinstall another version of Google Chrome. To delete you do: Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Google chrome and remove.

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With the above 3 ways, you will definitely fix the frequent Google Chrome crash. Google will return to normal operations. Besides, you also remember to schedule cleaning for Google Chrome regularly. In addition, we also show how Error Flash Player is blocked due to outdated on CocCocFor your reference.
On Chrome, there is a common error that is error Shockwave Flash has crashedthe error occurs when the version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer is old, now, you need to update or install the latest version of Flash Player to fix the Shockwave Flash has crash error in Google Chrome.

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