Mystery Madness Free Fire event details

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After the Free Fire 5th Anniversary event and the collaboration with J.Bieber came to a close, the developers have launched a brand new even more thrilling event called Mystery Madness. Mystery Madness Free Fire event details and rewards revealed.

Similar to other events, gamers participate Mystery Madness Free Fire event must adhere to the full schedule and perform the assigned tasks to be eligible to win some exclusive freebies which can help them to expand their in-game collection.

madness free fire mystery details

Mystery Madness event details in Garena Free Fire

Mystery Madness Free Fire event details

– Time: Starting from September 14 to September 27, 2022.
– Reward: Random.
– Rules: Complete the quest to get the reward.

– List of mini-events:
+ Web Mystery Madness: Here players will have to complete some small tasks to get big packages like Queen of the Ring Bundle, Rainbow Sunshine Bundle, etc. The event has started and will end on September 27, 2022.
+ Login: Players need to log in to the game continuously from September 14 to 20 to receive Bloody Gold Loot Crate MP40 Weapon, Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, ….
+ Headshot Challenge: Complete assigned missions to earn M79 Weapon Loot Crate and Weapon Royale Voucher x2. Players must participate from September 17 to 18.
+ Level Up Your CS Rank: Players level up CR to get rewards like P90 Weapon Loot Crate, M4A1 Loot Crate, … from September 18 to 20.
+ Login: Login Free Fire to receive Mp40 Loot Crate, Time LImited Incubator and many other rewards from September 21 to 26.
+ Play Nexterra in CS: Explore the new Nexterra map in CS and get a VQMM ticket and a limited time x2 Diamond Voucher from 22nd to 27th September.
+ Booyah Challenge: Complete the challenge from September 22 to 27 to receive a new parachute skin and an exclusive grenade skin for the Mystery Madness Free Fire event.

madness free fire 2 mystery details
For the Mystery Madness Free Fire event, Garena offers all the gifts players are looking for. Free Fire OB36 update New is almost coming, and players are eager to enjoy the next new features, rewards, optimizations, and more in the game.

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