The Impossible Letter Game – The more you play, the more you want to beat the machine

If you are free, you want to have fun but are tired of action games, racing games… and want to find something new and more attractive, download The Impossible Letter Game now. This is a light entertainment game but also full of fun and no less “brain damage” on smartphones.

Download The Impossible Letter Game for iPhone, iPad

Download The Impossible Letter Game for Android

You will have the opportunity to check your “lucky” or play with friends, see “who is more chicken”? The Impossible Letter Game is a completely entertaining game, but sometimes, it will also make many people want to “smash”. Let’s experience a little bit with this intellectual game!

Play The Impossible Letter Game on your phone

Step 1: First, download The Impossible Letter Game, then click game icon this on the screen.

Open Game icon

The icon of The Impossible Letter Game is quite conspicuous with the prominent letter L

Step 2: The main interface of the game appears, the initial impression is completely simple, highlighted by 2 colors white – black. Click Play / Campaign to start playing.

Play Campaign

Step 3: You will see that there are many levels, each level has a different number of cards, players cannot choose this mode but must play in order. When there are enough points, the next level will be opened automatically.

Play Play

Click “Play” to start playing

Step 4: The aim of the game is to find the one that is different from the rest in the fastest time. Tap it to “reply”. If correct, you will be added the corresponding number of stars depending on how fast or slow you answer (time shown above).

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Start playing Answer the question

Touch the most “unusual” picture quickly

Step 5: The faster the answer, the more stars. Choose next to go on and OK to open the next level if enough stars.

next ok

Step 6: However, the question is not always so simple and “easy to swallow”. The deeper you go, the more “potato” level increases. However, you can use help “Hint” to find the answer faster.

hint After using help

Only 3 times of free help, if you want more players, you will have to buy

Step 7: If Hint helps you find the answer faster Give up will help you “give up” faster when you can’t find the right answer.

"Question" collapsed Give up

After opening the next level, you can skip the current level to play the new level and return to play later when you want. You players can also compare, see the score in the Score section right from the moment you enter the game.


  • To play this game, players need to meet the following conditions:
  • Have a little foreign language knowledge to understand each game mode.
  • Sharp eyes, quick hands, touch answers quickly, accurately (because sometimes there are articles with quite small pictures).

Choose game mode

If you want to test your skills quickly and quickly, play The Impossible Letter Game. However, also advises players toIt is important to stay calm, confident, and not bitter to avoid accidents such as “accidentally” banging or splashing because it is too difficult.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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