Information you need to know about Guardians Arcana in EverWing

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Guardian Arcana is considered the strongest guardian in EverWing, the reason why this Guardian is being appreciated because it is suitable for both Raid Boss, gold plowing and cup is very good. will share with you something about this Guardian.

About the patron god Arcana in EverWing

1. How to collect

This Guardian can not unlock normally with Gold in EverWing, this is the Guardians that is considered to be able to both Raid Boss and very good Gold farm depending on how you combine with the Dragon. You can only collect Arcana by opening the level chest Magical. Magical Chests have a certain rate and will appear at special events and upon defeat Boss Ice Queen.

Ice Queen Boss

So the easiest way to get Arcana was Raid Boss and beat Boss Ice Queen and based on luck to decide whether you can get this Guardian or not, however how to do it is simple but realistic probability unfolds Arcana is very low and Boss Ice Queen Nor is it a Boss “easy to eat”.

2. Arcana Features and Skills

Attack continuously to recharge, when activated full energy will enter the state Illusionand temporary cloning twice as many Dragons until the energy is exhausted and causes strengthening Permission For the Dragon, here are the 4 types of enhancement Dragon Spell:

  • Rush: Works on Dragons that have the ability to spawn items, rush forward and become immortal, destroying all monsters during this time.
  • Shockwave: Works on skilled Dragons that deal damage, dealing 500x of Arcana’s current level of damage to all monsters, up to 35,000 damage.
  • Timeslow: Tests on Dragons that slow the duration by 80%, lasting for 1.5 seconds.
  • Gemfire: Effects on Dragons that create Treasure related skills. Get the number Gems 6 times the current monster level.

With the above features, you can easily combine with different types of Dragons to create maximum effectiveness when Raid Boss or gold farm, however there is a special Dragon that can combine and execute all. even the above Dragon Spells and also Dragons Arcana Priority must be given to setting aside one slot to equip this Dragon, that is Ursus.

Sidekichs 1
Level: Legendary

Properties: Country

Skill: Enhances Arcana’s Dragon Spell, increases strength and duration by 50%.

3. Use which Dragon to go Raid Boss

Boss Raid is usually very “cattle” and a lot of health, not affected by time blocking and the effect of damage when rushing fast, so you should prioritize Dragons that increase damage and have Shockwave, that is:

Sidekichs 2
Level: Legendary

Properties: Dark

Skill: Shockwave, which fires three rounds of bullets, increases Damage by 50% to the Boss. Cause max 436.5 points damage on Boss.

Sidekichs 2
Properties: The light

Level: Legendary

Skill: Shockwave, a short amount of time together, fires a powerful explosive bullet, dealing 50% damage to the Boss. Cause 286.5 points Damage.

Sidekichs 6
Properties: The light

Level: Legendary

Ability: bullets automatically find the target, dealing 50% damage to the Boss. Cause 303 pts damage on Boss.

4. Use Dragons to plow gold and items

Sidekichs 4
Properties: Fire

Level: Legendary

Ability: Shockwave, Rush, for a short period of time, the energy accumulates a powerful explosive bullet and increases the chance of falling purple flowers by 40%.

Sidekichs 8
Properties: Fire

Level: Legendary

Ability: Shockwave, Gemfire, Fires two rounds of bullets, doubling the amount of Diamonds dropped from monsters.

Sidekichs 5
Properties: Plant

Level: Legendary

Ability: Rush, increase item drop rate by 40% and effective duration.

Sidekichs 7
Properties: Plant

Level: Legendary

Ability: Shockwave, Gemfire, have a 60% chance to spawn a Bomb Bat and a 25% chance to spawn a Treasure Chest, when shooting treasure chests will drop Diamonds and Gold.

With the above sharing of about the god of Arcana, with the skills and ways to combine Dragons to go Raid Boss and hunt for Gold as above, you can easily earn Dragons and valuable items. Alright.

Hope the article will be useful for you.

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