Call of Duty Modern Warfare developer explains the “Distortion of History” scandal

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare it’s a game FPS the biggest success of 2019, seeing revenue reaching $600 million in just 3 days of release. At the same time, the game is also hailed as the most revolutionary Call of Duty version in recent years with an attractive Campaign mode and extremely large-scale Multiplayer gameplay. However, it is not because of that that Modern Warfare does not cause controversy, most notably the “Highway of Death” or “Highway of death”.


According to the dialogue in Modern Warfare, the massacre on the “Highway of Death” – a national highway located in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Urzikstan, was carried out by the Russian government in order to destroy the country’s military forces. this. However, in real life, Highway of Death, or Highway 80 connecting Kuwait and Iraq, is where the US Air Force carried out the largest air raid in history on the retreating Iraqi army. However, what is controversial is that the report later showed that the Iraqi convoy included women and children, thereby accusing the US side of serious violations of the Geneva Convention and even calling it a war crime. painting.

With Call of Duty Modern Warfare “rewriting history” and letting Russia be the country to carry out the air raid, this FPS game immediately faced the opposition of a part of gamers. They believe that Modern Warfare is trying to smear the image of the Russian government and create a new scenario where the US is the “righteous” faction. However, the director in charge of the game’s plot, Mr. Taylor Kurosaki, has a different explanation for this scandal…


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