Match-fixing, professional gamers detained for investigation

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For a long time, selling scandals have always been an obsession with the arena StarCraft professionally. In 2010, a popular match-fixing case was broken, making the career of many professional gamer as well as the coach must suffer. Even, even with StarCraft IIthe shadow of these sales is still hidden when appearing, making it difficult for many fans to trust the results of their favorite Esport matches.


Most recently, a match-up in the G-STAR 2017’s StarCraft Remastered held last November in Busan was brought to light. According to Yonhap News Agency, a 24-year-old professional StarCraft gamer was approached by a betting website. This website suggested that the guy “fix the score of a quarter-final”, and will receive 4.5 million won (nearly 90 million VND) if he “loses” 2-0. The head of this betting website has now been arrested, and the professional gamer is being detained for investigation.

Do not stop there, the law enforcement side Korea also announced to the press, that it is possible that this gamer’s matches at Afreeca Star League 5, a 10-week tournament (since March 11), have also been fixed.

The name of that professional gamer has not been announced, but actually there are only 2 faces that are “meet” to be eligible to become this person, that is: and Byun “mini” Hyun Je. Both are 24 years old, have participated in both tournaments, and both lost 0-2 in the quarterfinals last November. Sky is currently the most suspicious object, when his personal profile at AfreecaTV (the streaming site that organizes the aforementioned tournament) has been removed. In contrast, Mini’s profile is still intact and the guy is still streaming at this site. During the stream this morning, Mini also mentioned the incident, and appeared to be unrelated.


Fans also pointed out that, not only in the match in November last year, Sky’s recent matches also had many suspicious signs. Last Sunday on the first day of Afreeca Star League 5, Sky won the first game and lost the next two. All signs are pointing that, Sky is the 24-year-old professional gamer mentioned by Yonhap News Agency. If this is true, then obviously his gamer career has come to an end. Sad news for fans of Sky in particular, and for the Korean StarCraft village in general.

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