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Monster Hunter World stands proudly as one of the most popular games today when it brings gamers the intense combat phase before the giant monsters. Not only that with the extremely scientific combat mechanism and massive weapon system, Monster Hunter World is indeed becoming the first choice for fans. ARPG The current.


But that’s with PC/Console, platforms that are too familiar with virtual world masterpieces. On Mobile, there are no real titles worthy of Monster Hunter World.. However, now that story is different, the sequel to the hit series is at hand Capcom to be Monster Hunter Stories – the game that stormed on the 3DS, has officially released Mobile.


In fact, Monster Hunter Stories landed on 3DS last year and made a big splash in the fan community of this series. Now, after a long time fighting on Nintendo’s system, Monster Hunter Stories continues to conquer the hearts of Mobile gamers with the official release of the international version. All you need to do is head straight to the bottom of the post and Download Monster Hunter Stories free now.


Unlike previous Monster Hunter versions, Monster Hunter Stories puts gamers in the role of Riders who use the power of monsters to aid themselves in combat. It is because of this factor that gamers can ride them like true dragon riders, creating images that are rarely seen in the Monster Hunter series. Not only that, it will create a bond between players and the monsters in the game, like a version of the secret to train dragons in the virtual world. Simultaneously, the game also applies a turn-based battle system, allowing gamers to calculate and coordinate every move, bringing tactical qualities to the Monster Hunter series.


There have been many storms and this is the time for you to enjoy this masterpiece on Mobile from today. Readers just need to click directly to download the game now (Android):

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