Appears a girl claiming to be Seraphine’s role model, demanding to sue Riot Games

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Yesterday, Twitter user @step_nie suddenly announced that the champion Seraphine of the League of Legends was built on the model of her. Seraphine is the newest champion Riot Games announced in 2020 and is also the first League of Legends champion to have a Twitter account. Seraphine is known for her pink hair, signature glasses, this female general is also often seen with her white pet cat.​


Stephanie – who claims to be Seraphine’s role model, has released a series of comparison pictures between herself and Seraphine to prove her claim. The photos have similar backgrounds, similar artwork and in terms of looks, Stephanie also has pink hair, also wears glasses and also has a cat, looking at the comparison pictures you can see that she and Seraphine really have a lot in common. common.​

Some pictures of Stephanie with the cat before dyeing her hair pink

Stephanie also published a message between her and a former Riot employee, who had a brief search time before. In the message, the former Riot employee expressed his intention to consider Stephanie as a “muse” to design the characters of League of Legends, even inviting her to voice a top secret project. Currently, Stephanie has hired a lawyer and is considering suing Riot Games for using her image without permission.​



Seraphine and Stephanie together at Santa Monica beach

For their part, Riot Games denied Stephanie’s accusations:

However, many people are still skeptical about Riot Games’ denial, because the company claims Seraphine was not designed by anyone, but in October, Riot’s senior game designer was Jeevun Sidhu again shared that it was his wife who inspired him to create Seraphine.​

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