Heart breaking with a thrilling crime chase on the street, people are excited: GTA 6 leaked?

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Around 9:20 p.m. in northeast Philadelphia, people witnessed a breathtaking crime chase by the local police right on the street. The alleged criminal who was fatally shot in the leg dared to hijack a Philadelphia Fire Department ambulance heading toward Roosevelt Avenue to escape the police encirclement. The chase lasted for nearly an hour and a half with extremely dramatic details that made viewers think of the series GTA cult. So as soon as this news spread on social media, GTA 6 suddenly became a trending keyword on Twitter.


The initial reason why this suspect was hunted by police has not been clarified, but according to the report, while trying to escape the police circle, he was shot in the leg. The extent of his injuries is unknown, but the thief still had enough strength to drive the ambulance around the city to escape even at a rather slow speed. Even when the police chased him to the parking lot of a Burger King store and got stuck in it, this guy opened the door and surrendered, but as soon as the police officers approached to arrest him, he immediately jumped into the car, crashed through several police cars and continued to drive away. Then, a tow truck blocked the road to stop this guy’s car, but he risked crashing into the car and trying to escape.

The thrilling chase only ended at about 10:40 when the ambulance stolen by this criminal had a flat tire due to entering the police’s spikes. The suspect, wearing nothing but a pair of red shorts, was forced out of the vehicle by police, handcuffed, and transported to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital for a physical examination.

After the video went viral on social media, many commented that this was like a “cosplay” of scenes from the GTA series while others thought that this was leaked GTA 6 footage. Of course. , this is a “real life story”, there is no GTA 6 leak here.

Regarding GTA 6, although there have been many rumors about the development and launch of the game over the years, until now, Rockstar Games has not confirmed anything. Perhaps fans still have to wait a little longer for more information about this super product.​

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