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Broadcasting life’s “silly” moments is no longer a novelty in the digital age, from uncomfortable experiences at love hotels to street arguments. like nothing is off limits.


Push the boundaries a little further, two criminals had a “great” idea that live stream while on the way to escape after a robbery successful. Suffice it to say, their attempt to escape was short-lived.

During a livestream on October 27, two thieves Brazilians livestreamed from inside their getaway vehicle after committing a robbery in broad daylight. Singing along to the music on the radio, without hiding their faces, the carefree criminals are quickly apprehended by the local authorities.


From happiness to despair in a matter of seconds, the looks on the faces of the two thieves were enough to prove that they wouldn’t be able to escape. Asked to put their hands above their heads, while a camera in the front of the car captured them all, the two were quickly handcuffed and the stolen goods were returned.

One trouble interesting to say, at least, they are the most recent failed criminals to become famous online after that “silly” livestream.

While the incident is amusing from the viewer’s point of view, crime is no joke. Never hesitate to report incidents to your local law enforcement.​

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