FACEIT is a new mecca for CSGO hackers after the Prime update

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FACEIT players are constantly complaining on social media about the increasing frequency of encountering hackers on the platform. This comes after important changes in CSGO’s matchmaking recently.

Before that, Valve made major adjustments to CSGO matchmaking, making item drops and ranked matchmaking only available to Prime owners, for $15 to use Prime. This solution is designed to deal with hackers, by adding a money barrier for players to use important game features.

The problem was that there were too many hackers in CSGO at that time. With ranked matchmaking now no longer available for free accounts, hackers may have found a ‘new mecca’ from third-party matchmaking systems like FACEIT. FACEIT doesn’t filter players based on Prime, so the platform can offer a similar ranked experience to those who can’t participate in ranked matchmaking anymore.

Although FACEIT is said to have a better anti-cheat engine than VAC, with such a spike in hackers, they are facing many problems, at least in the short term. In the long run, FACEIT will probably find Find out how to detect these hackers.

Why is FACEIT’s anti-cheat better than VAC?

FACEIT’s anti-cheat gained more access to users’ computers, allowing the software to easily identify who used the hacking software. VAC doesn’t control the user’s computer that much, so it can’t find hackers as effectively as FACEIT.

However, FACEIT’s anti-cheat is not perfect. Longtime users from FACEIT and ESEA still recognize the existence of hackers in the game. Even so, FACEIT’s anti-cheat is still what makes the platform so popular in the CSGO community in general.

Can you play FACEIT without a CSGO Prime account?

The answer is still yes. CSGO players without a Prime account can still play on FACEIT. Since CSGO is free, it’s FACEIT’s policy that everyone who doesn’t have a prime, must play CSGO for at least a few hours, or have their new Steam account use the FACEIT anti-cheat client to avoid the risk of hacking.

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