Dota 2: TI10 regional qualifiers and fixtures announced

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With the list of teams invited to The International 2021 already determined, this means qualifying for the TI10 regions will begin soon.

The TI10 Regional Qualifiers have been officially announced. All remaining teams from uppder division and lower division can participate. This creates fierce competition in some areas.

Qualifiers will use a double-elimination format (the upper bracket loses twice, while the lower bracket is eliminated). The upper division and high division lower division teams will start in the upper bracket while the remaining teams will start from the lower bracket. Only one team will qualify for The International 10 in each region.

Valve allows teams to change members and that makes for a lot of new lineups. Let’s take a look at the talents in each region:

CIS TI10 Qualifier Will Launch New Natus Vincere

Upper branch:

  • Team Spirit vs. Winstrike Team
  • PuckChamp vs. Team Unique
  • Natus Vincere vs. EXTREMUM
  • HellRaisers vs. AS Monaco Gambit

Lower branch:

  • Team Empire will play the loser from Team Spirit/Winstrike
  • B8 vs. Prosti Esli
  • Nemiga Gaming vs. NoTechies
  • Trident Clan vs. Fantastic Five

There are many interesting things in the CIS region. Will the stars of HellRaisers be able to recreate their past success? Or will Team Empire’s new roster return to its former glory? Can Team Spirit reach its full potential?

In addition to the above questions, the biggest question is surrounding the strength of the new Natus Vincere lineup.

Na’Vi took away two key members of AS Monaco Gambit just days before WePlay AniMajor. Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev returns with the core member of the old, the squad that almost dominated every major from 2017 to 2019. This is considered a heavyweight candidate to attend TI10.

A similar lineup was created in 2020. It’s Just Error, which combines former members and Syed “SumaiL” Hassan. Despite possessing great stars, they only competed together for one tournament. The element of surprise is what makes the CIS qualifiers all the more appealing.

CIS TI10 qualifiers start June 23.

NoPing looking to survive TI10 South America qualifiers

Upper branch:

  • NoPing e-sports vs. Infinity
  • Team Unknown vs. Hokori
  • Infamous vs. EgoBoys
  • BINOMISTAS vs. SG e-sports

Lower branch:

  • ex-Crewmates will play against a loser from the upper bracket
  • Latam Defenders vs. Gorillaz-Pride
  • Omega Gaming vs. Incubus Club
  • Inverse will play against a losing team from the upper bracket

South America has traditionally been seen as a region with a distinctly strong team compared to other names in the same region. That changes in 2020 as many interesting teams appear and achieve quite a bit of success in the domestic and international arena. Thunder Predator and beastcoast are considered strong teams but both qualified for TI10 with enough DPC points.

NoPing e-sports is basically considered a candidate thanks to recent results, namely the number one position in season 2 of DPC South America. The failure at WePlay AniMajor has caused doubts about NoPing’s power to increase significantly.

SG e-sports and Infamous both have a chance to overtake NoPing. However, NoPing has an easier journey in the brake branch.

TI10 South American qualifiers start on June 23.

TI10 Southeast Asia Qualifiers Like Lottery

Winning branch:

  • OB Esports x Neon vs. Team SMG
  • BOOM Esports vs. Execration
  • Fnatic vs. Omega Esports
  • Motivate.Trust Gaming vs. TNC Predator

Losing branch:

  • Lilgun will fight the losing team from Neon/SMG
  • Army Geniuses vs. 496 Gaming
  • Galaxy Racer vs. Team Mystery
  • Cignal Ultra vs. ex-South Built

Many Southeast Asian teams competed strongly in the last season, but only T1 was the only team to win tickets directly to TI10. Because of that, the number of strong teams present in this qualifier makes the SEA region very competitive.

Fnatic and TNC Predator are the two most prominent names. Fnatic had a strong start to the season, but the defeat at the ONE Esports Singapore Major and failure to win the right to the WePlay AniMajor put an end to the chance of a direct ticket to TI10, as well as the squad forced to ‘change blood’. TNC Predator is the opposite, they are looking very strong at the moment, unfortunately that cannot make up for the shortcomings at the beginning of the season.

OB Esports X Neon could be the next big name. The team’s surprising performance in the first half of the season included a spectacular performance at the Singapre Major. However, Neon lost in the second half of the season and was forced to play a tiebreaker to avoid relegation, making them not as strong as before.

TNC is undoubtedly the strongest contender, but any of the three above could win tickets. Fans should also not ignore BOOM Esports, the Indonesian squad played quite well in the second DPC SEA season.

TI10 Southeast Asia Qualifiers kick off on June 30.

North America TI10 Qualifier, Undying vs All

Upper branch:

  • Undying vs. The Cut
  • Black N Yellow vs. SADBOYS
  • Simply TOOBASED vs. D2 Hustlers
  • Arkosh Gaming vs. 4 Zoomers

Quick below:

  • Team DogChamp
  • 5ManMidas
  • Electronic Boys
  • Felt

NA has quite a bit of drama ahead of TI10 qualifiers as well as AniMajor and we can see that in the list of participating teams.

Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao jumps to SADBOYS after “aggressively and openly” leaving the Black N Yellow team. The two losing brackets were eliminated from the season and permanently banned by Valve. This is why the bottom bracket doesn’t have a current matchup.

During the DPC season, North America has three distinct warhorses: Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses and Undying. With the first two names having won the right to attend TI10, there is not too much that can stand in the way of Undying attending TI10 this year.

But that doesn’t mean Undying 100% won the place. The new SADBOYS owns EternaLEnVy, Eric “Ryoya” Dong and David “Moo” Hull, a potential squad when playing under the name 4FUN in 2020. 4 Zoomers have won Undying. But when discussing who will win, almost everyone agrees to choose Undying.

The North American TI Qualifiers will begin on June 30.

Elephan has to prove his true potential in Chinese qualifiers TI10

Upper branch:

  • Elephant vs. Team MagMa
  • LBZS vs. Royal Never Give Up
  • Phoenix Gaming vs. Sparking Arrow Gaming
  • Aster.Aries vs. EHOME

Lower branch:

  • CDEC Gaming
  • Xtreme Gaming

The strongest teams in this region all have tickets to TI10 directly: Team Aster, PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Now, the region only has tier 2 teams to compete against each other. Not surprisingly, Elephant is basically seen as the dominant name.

Partly thanks to possessing extremely elite members, but Elephant has not been able to prove his strength in the last season.

They started off strong having won multiple domestic tournaments, but were volatile throughout 2021. This is the most disappointing thing from this superstar squad, but they are fully capable of rebounding in the China TI10 qualifiers. .

Capable of confronting Elephant is probably Royal Never Give Up and HOME. But if pointing out the strongest candidate in all regions, then Elephant is the most prominent name.

TI10 European Qualifiers featuring OG, Nigma, etc

Upper branch:

  • Team Nigma vs. Hellbear Smashers
  • vs. OG
  • Tundra Esports vs. Brame
  • Level UP vs. Team Liquid

Lower branch:

  • Ghost Frogs will play against a losing team from the upper bracket
  • Chicken Fighters vs. No Bounty Hunter
  • Into the Breach vs. Hippomaniacs
  • Team Bald Reborn will play against a losing team from the upper bracket

Europe has four teams attending two Majors, but only Team Secret finished fourth at the Singapore Major, the region’s highest ranking at two Majors. That created an extremely fierce arena in the TI10 European qualifiers.

We can easily see the strength from OG, Team Niggma, Team Liquid but that’s just the surface. Tundra Esports can be a real danger, while has a high potential to upset, and Brame is no slouch at DreamLeague Season 15.

No one is a safe candidate in the TI10 European qualifier because the competition is too high. Maybe this will be a two-horse race between Team Nigma and OG. Nigma showed his potential at AniMajor, but OG possessed the ability “miracle TI”. No matter who wins the ticket, they need to defend the honor of the European region at TI – an area considered one of the cradles of Dota 2.

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