Dota 2: Summarizing AniMajor, what are the most outstanding heroes of the tournament?

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We already know who the Major AniMajor champions are, who got their tickets to TI, as well as where the current standout heroes are. Let’s take a look at the most typical heroes at the last AniMajor tournament:


TA is probably the most important hero of the tournament. The highest competitive rate, highest pick rate, and 60% win rate mean teams have plenty of reasons to prioritize this hero. TA has strong lane, fast farming, snowball ability and late game potential.

The extremely strong shard combined with the high Roshan eating ability makes TA very suitable for the meta, but the article wants to emphasize another point. Psi-Blade now has a huge scope and a lot of teams are making the most of this mechanic.

With Pure splash damage and always prioritizing low armor supports, TA easily has a huge health advantage after just a few hand attacks. Carry Agility really doesn’t like being hit through ‘almost armorless support’. Psi-Blade damage is reduced by low armor from support first and then converted to pure, affecting carry Agility. This makes the carry even with high armor feel very needy in the mid-game.



I don’t know if it’s because the teams aren’t ready to face Hoodwink or because the hero is really strong after the 7.29c buff, but one thing is for sure: Hoodwink is the most successful situational hero (depending on the new game). of the prize. Hero was picked 14 times with a win rate of nearly 80%. The article believes that Hoodwink will spike in pubs in the near future.

Bushwack, Hoodwink’s main disable, is the preferred skill by all pro players. Stun 2.4 seconds with a cooldown of 10 seconds thanks to a level 10 talent that must be said very strongly. While it requires a nearby tree to activate, raising the Acorn Short will help you make up for this problem.

Hero also possesses the ultimate Sharpshooter with 550 nuke damage, while the cooldown is 45 seconds at level 6. As long as the team holds the opponent long enough, Sharpshooter is like Lion’s Finger of Death, with 3 times the frequency of being used. times and cast range up to 3000, not to mention Break also. If this hero is nerfed, there is a high chance that the ultimate will be dealt first.


Void Spirit Dota 2 resize - Emergenceingame

We’ve talked about Tiny: Hero is constantly being picked but almost always loses. Now, Void Spirit will join this list. Mid burst heroes with high damage but limited support, and weak late game are not suitable in the current meta. And among them is the Void Spirit.

Void Spirit was picked 11 times and won every 2 games. This is the most disappointing result of all the other heroes. This isn’t too surprising, as the hero struggled in the previous patch and continued to be nerfed in 7.29.

Void Spirit has been compared to Puck: another versatile hero. However, this hero does not have the ultimate teamfight, the talent is not stronger in the late game, and there are not many flexible builds. It’s confusing when Void Spirit was picked 11 times.


Viper Dota 2

Broodmother is the exception. Despite being the most banned hero of the tournament, every team has a reason to do it. Meanwhile, Viper is the “normal” hero but gets banned the most, which has made many people wonder why.

Viper is a somewhat flexible hero. Theoretically, the hero can play in position 4, however we often see the hero playing in the offlane and mid more. This is also the hero that dominates the lane, especially when facing some of the current meta heroes, like Dragon Knight or Templar Assassin. Most importantly, Viper can take the lead due to his high magic resistance and high growth stats.

However, Viper is very afraid of physical damage, which explains the win rate of only about 45%. Still, it’s still one of the game’s two “free” sources of Breaks and can create major problems, depending on the draft. This is the reason why Viper gets banned so much. Teams didn’t want to pick Viper first, because the hero was not really reliable, but the name was still banned because of the potential power from Nethertoxin.

So what do you think of the AniMajor meta? Are you patiently waiting for Broodmother to be nerfed, or do you think the hero is fine now? So what are the heroes people want to see more of at The International? Please share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the post.

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