Dota 2: Dawnbreaker ready for Captain Mode?

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 wallpaper - Emergenceingame

Dawnbreaker got off to a rough start. The new hero is weak at first, but gets too much buffs and becomes too strong for a week, before being nerfed again. If you look at pub stats this month, Dawnbreaker is in “perfect balance”, with a 50% win rate across all ranks. But is Dawnbreaker ready for Captain Mode?


An important aspect that separates AP from CM is that flexible heroes in CM are much more valuable. In the top arena, a big mistake in the draft can cost you the whole game. That’s why flexible heroes are always a priority in CM, especially in the first draft.

Dawnbreaker is certainly versatile. Since her appearance, we’ve seen Dawnbreaker succeed in positions 2, 3 and 4. She’s still primarily an offlane hero, be it core or support, but like Mars, Dawnbreaker can play mid if needed. .

However, there is one thing that needs to be pointed out. Luminosity, Breeaker’s passive, is strong in hindsight and is well-suited to hand-to-hand combat. This move is great in pubs, where matches are longer and doesn’t require team coordination. However, things can be a little different in the professional scene, where the net worth distribution is more core-focused and the team synergies better.

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 - Emergenceingame


We have power level and difficulty for each hero. Sometimes people confuse these two when looking at hero win rate. Hard-to-play heroes like Chen and IO, once considered too strong in the pro scene, have less than 45% win rates even at the highest pub ranks.

If a hero is not really strong, but easy to play, easy to deploy, does it increase the hero’s win rate? The article thinks yes and in this case Dawnbreaker.

Shortcut to WIN

So what does the team need from its offlaner? Usually takes good hits, is in control, supports and takes the lead. So what do offliners want in pubs? Become the team’s third carry. With Dawnbreaker, these two ideas go well together. The more damage Dawnnbreaker deals, the better she heals the team and provides better support.

However, this requires farming. There’s a lot of room for Dawnbreaker to be dangerous and heal well. In the professional arena, where position 3 is expected to be the playmaker and create space, the article feels that Dawnbreaker may be thirsty for gold and lose its value. Being the third carry is a shortcut to pub victory, but it’s hardly effective in the pro scene.

Similarly, Dawnbreaker’s ultimate is favored quite a lot in pubs. One of the reasons Specter plays so well in low-rank pubs is because she’s one of the few carries that can participate in teamfights around the map. Specter goes unpunished for poor macro play. In the professional arena, this helps the hero get more farm. Specter doesn’t need smoke to gank. Hero also doesn’t need to go with the team or waste time traveling together because Specter can join at any time.

Dawnbreaker is the same and Solar Guardian is an extremely powerful anti-combat ability due to its ability to use the entire map. But unlike Specter, the hero cannot afk farm and only appear in teamfights. Dawnbreaker often has to actively gank, so passive play like Specter is hard to work on pro.

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 1 - Emergenceingame


The above points show that Dawnbreaker can be a bit weaker in the professional arena. Even so, Dawnbreaker is ready for Captain Mode, as long as the hero is not too strong or buggy when the pros start using it. Maybe professional players will have different ways of building and playing than the current pub to explore Dawnbreaker’s skill set.

So what do you think about Dawnbreaker, can this hero be present in The International? Please share in the comments section at the end of the post.

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