Corpse Party: Blood Drive – Choking with horror masterpieces about to land on Switch & PC

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Horror game is a difficult genre to do and difficult to be famous. Moreover, to find a true haunting horror game in the middle of gun action as it is now is not easy. Even the popular Resident Evil series, although still labeled as horror, is ultimately like an action game with hideous zombies. For those looking for a true horror experience, Corpse Party: Blood Drive is one of the few games that can make gamers really immersed in and immersed in the bizarre and creepy details to “drop in blood pressure”. The game will officially hit the Nintendo Switch and PC shelves on October 10 here.


First launched on Sony PlayStation Vita in 2014 but not until Mobile landed in 2017, Corpse Party: The new Blood Drive is wildly popular. Following the success, XSEED Games has made many quality improvements to continue bringing the game to PC and Nintendo Switch gamers. In particular, this version will have a completely new lighting system, allowing players to experience the real horror by exploring the dark and gloomy atmosphere with a flashlight.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive gives players moments of unbelievable suspense. The content of the game is about a small group of students who are preparing to part and go to another place because their current school is about to close. Blood Drive is set shortly after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadow, when the main character Ayumi Shinozaki almost died for daring to use magic in the “book of darkness”. Surviving but seriously ill, Ayumi is hospitalized and is suddenly visited by a strange woman, after which she will have to do as the strange woman says to prevent future calamities.


Explore the cold houses and corridors to find the evil book, run as fast as you can to escape the ghostly forms lurking everywhere, Corpse Party: Blood Drive is truly a horror game. It’s a rare fact that fans of this genre will regret it if they ignore it. Corpse Party: Blood Drive is currently available for Mobile and will launch on October 10 for Nintendo Switch and PC.​

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