Did you know – The secret behind the Super Saiyan of 7 Dragon Balls

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Transformation image Super Saiyan can be considered as one of the legendary symbols of 7 Dragon BallsDragon Ball. It is a testament to willpower as well as the ability to overcome physical limitations to reach a realm beyond human imagination. Not only that, the image of rolling blonde hair and fiery energy flowing around.. continues to let fans feel the absolute power that Super Sayans bring.

However, for the past 33 years, fans have always implicitly understood that for an ordinary Saiyan to reach that level of power, he would have to put himself in a state of extreme stress in order to unleash his inner rage. Only then will they become a Super Saiyan of legend.


But according to the father of the 7 Dragon Balls – Mr Akira Toriyama, that is not the main condition to become a true Super Saiyan. There in a recent interview, Akira Toriyama revealed the secret behind his transformation.

Can anyone become a Super Saiyan if they practice hard?


So how to increase the number of S-Cells in the body?


With this detail, many fans also began to compare S-Cell with the Midi-chlorian index – which is also a cell-level symbiotic life form in the Star Wars world. Midi-chlorians allow one to feel and use the power of the Force, which is the first condition for becoming a Jedi. However, when Midi-chlorian is spiritual, the S-Cell of 7 Dragon Balls is more biochemical, giving fans a more authentic feeling.

Not only revealing the secret behind the ability to transform Super Saiyan, Akira Toriyama also talked about the first person on planet Vegeta to reach this level.

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Is the “Legendary Super Saiyan” that Freeza is afraid of the “Super Saiyan God” in Battle of Gods?

With the author’s explanations, after 33 years, fans are still surprised by the vast and profound world of 7 Dragon Balls. Hopefully in the future this author will reveal more interesting stories for us.​

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