Looking at the scene of players as crowded as ants, who dares to say that Pokemon Go is out of time?

In the last year, I’m sure a lot of people have played or are interested in the title games very hot Pokemon Go. This game has made many players have to step out of the house, go to many places outside to hunt for Pokemon. At that time, the game attracted a large number of young people. Until now, perhaps people will think that this game has lost its hotness, even “sluggish”, no one wants to play anymore. But in reality that is not the case. Recently, the developer side Pokemon Go held a big activity at Tottori Sakyu (Japan), the event attracted a huge number of fans of this game and the media of the land of the rising sun.

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The activity that day was organized by Tottori prefecture, through the pictures of the event, you can see the huge number of participants. Even the staff there had to use the phrase “extraordinary situation” to describe it. In an interview with a reporter, a 49-year-old man said he had come here with his friends who are also gamers. Despite his age is not young, but this man is still extremely excited to go around in search of Pokemon. Can see Pokemon Go Not only has it not cooled down, but it also attracts players of all ages.


For this event, many netizens (netizens) in Japan also gave mixed opinions such as: “It’s true that a lot of people have free time right now. But if anyone says that Pokemon Go is “out of time”, then looking back at these photos is enough to understand, right?”, “This scene is amazing, it’s like a scene from a movie”,“After this event ends, this land will become a dump again, it’s so crowded.”… Anyway, through this activity, the game Pokemon Go was extremely hot last year and had a rapid decline this year seems to have been revived. Can see Pokemon Go still creating attraction among a large number of mobile game lovers in Japan and it is likely that the game will soon find its place in many other people around the world.​

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