Everything you need to know about PUBG update 4.3

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 4 will now give players a fresh experience with a bunch of additions and improvements, PUBG 4.3 update brings a new gun, Survival Mastery progression system to improve gameplay skills and much more.

In today’s article, we will summarize the details that are arguably the most important in the upcoming PUBG 4.3 update, Survival Mastery system, Shotgun weapon DBS new, fixed some audio bugs and much more.

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Survival Mastery feature in PUBG version 4.3

– Link to download PC version: PUBG 4.3

Important content in PUBG update 4.3

1. New DBS Shotgun Weapon
The DBS is a double-barreled handgun that can only be obtained from the original Care Packages, it holds 2 magazines up to 14 rounds of 12 mm. DBS can deal fast attacks and massive damage thanks to their combo firing mechanism. Holographics, scopes and 2x to 6x scopes can be used as attachments to the shotgun, the effective range for maximum damage with it is 100 m.

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2. Survival Mastery
Survival Mastery, a progression system with a level cap of 500 was added after upgrading to PUBG version 4.3. It is mainly for players to hone their shooting skills and show their personality. According to the official update, this feature will assist players in developing their forte aspects in the PUBG game.

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Survival Mastery tracks your recent play by analyzing the data of all the matches you have participated in and will display the three most prominent characteristics and strengths. It includes the following information:
– Average participation time in matches
– Movement distance
– Loot items per match
– Movement speed per game
– Amount of damage dealt in each battle

3. Gameplay improvements
Shotgun damage has been reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 for headshots, 1.0 to 0.9 for body shots. Additionally, effective range changes have been made for the S686, S1897, and Sawed-off weapons.

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The most important game changer, however, is the healing items that can be used while moving. Player movement will be reduced to walking speed while using heal and this will become quite useful when trying to move out of the blue zone (outside the safe zone).

There are improvements to Zombie’s abilities to make the Zombie mode experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, matchmaking has been optimized to match, so that players who speak the same language can play against each other.

Above is a summary of the information and things that you need to know about the PUBG 4.3 update before they are updated on the system. Another version of the game on mobile, currently PUBG Mobile also attracts a lot of players right after its launch, PUBG Mobile is constantly being updated to bring extremely attractive experiences for you.

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