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Wood in Genshin Impact is an extremely necessary material for building houses in Teapot. So, let’s Download.vn find out the location of all types of wood in Genshin Impact!

Wood in Genshin Impact is an indispensable material when building a house
Wood in Genshin Impact is an indispensable material when building a house

Player Genshin Impact Now you can build a house in the Tran Ca Kettle. However, the only obstacle is having to make all the furniture by hand and start by collecting wood.

Each piece of furniture needs a different wood in it Genshin Impact. Therefore, knowing the entire wood position in Genshin Impact will save you considerable time.

Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

Fir wood

After unlocking the house, first you need to collect fir wood in Genshin Impact. You can often harvest them around Phong Pepper Hill, Falling Stars valley in Mondstatdt.

Alternatively, you can chop down fir trees at Starsnatch cliffs and Stormbearer Mountain. You should stack wood cut from green, pine-like trees with needle-shaped leaves because it is used in many different designs.

Wood Thuy Huong

Lobster Genshin Impact

You have to find the Cypress in the Falling Stars and Dadaulpa gorges. They usually grow near roads, have thin stems and small leaves.

Currently, you can use this Genshin Impact wood to craft a wooden scroll bookcase, stand, and bookshelf. Each item requires 12 of these rare wooden boards.

Wood Pangasius

Genshin Impact

These Genshin Impact woods are all located in the area around Mondstadt. But you can find them in abundance in Dadaupa Gorge.

In fact, the tree gives the player Sunsettia fruit and apples. This wood is also needed when you want to create a Lingering Moment to add photos to the Tran Ca Kettle.

Burning bamboo

Burning bamboo in Genshin Impact

You can see them along the path leading to Quingce and Bishui canyons. Chop tall bamboo trees to burn bamboo.

Wood of Disclaimer

Genshin Impact

You can easily see the Knotsha wood in Genshin Impact in Lisha and Minlin. However, the most ideal place to plow them is between Lingju Pass and the Harbor. The leaves are heart-shaped and the stem is light brown.

Wood Flowers

Floral wood in Genshin Impact

The Flower Wood in Genshin Impact can be obtained by cutting down a birch tree. You can see this unique plant at Windtail Highland in Mondstadt or directly to the winery. They have dark gray tiger stripes and gray bodies.


Pine in Genshin Impact

Pine is only available in Dragonspine or around Wuwang Hill in Genshin Impact. Nearly every tree in this snowy region is a pine.

Wood location in Inazuma

Genshin Impact also has some new woods for crafting furniture in Inazuma. You can find them at:

  • Yumemiru Wood: The cherry blossom tree of Narukami Island
  • Aralia Wood: Narukami Island
  • Maple Wood: Narukami Island
  • Otogi Wood: Yashiori Island

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