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Puzzle games are always the genre that many people love today with simple gameplay, players need to use judgment and logic. And below is the Rescue Cut answer on how to get rid of the synthetic Taimienphi for readers.

Rescue Cut how to escape is one of puzzle game There are a series of brain-damaging challenges, requiring players to calculate carefully before cutting the rope to rescue the character to the exit door, the difficulty of Rescue Cut is increased gradually with each level.

how do you save the cut?

Summary of Rescue Cut Answers how to escape

Rescue Cut solution list how to get out

How to play Rescue Cut is quite simple, you just need to lightly touch the screen with your finger to cut the rope holding the character, help the guy out of the dangerous room. In addition, you can also use objects to attack, or prevent traps that prevent the main character from escaping.

Although the gameplay is simple, but Rescue Cut requires players to calculate carefully because the difficulty will increase with each level, so if the task in the game is too difficult, please refer to the answer to Rescue Cut how to exit below.

– Link to download Android version: Rescue Cut for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rescue Cut for iPhone

Rescue Cut answers how to escape from sentences 1 to 50

Rescue Cut answers how to escape from sentences 51 to 100

Rescue Cut answers how to escape from sentences 101 to 150

Rescue Cut answers how to escape from sentences 151 to 200

Hopefully, the list of Rescue Cut answers on how to escape Taimienphi above will help you complete and overcome the entire brain-damaging challenge of the game. In case the game has many ads, please refer to the method Turn off ads in the game Rescue Cut here.
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