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Toca Life World The perfect fun game for kids and adults alike. When playing Toca Life World, don’t miss the secrets that can be found below!

Many interesting secrets in Toca Life World are waiting for you to discover
Many interesting secrets in Toca Life World are waiting for you to discover

Toca Life World brings a giant doll house to you with many lovely characters. You can control them, use objects and raise pets. In addition, you can let the character hold things, change clothes, even hairstyles, take them to eat at restaurants… The best thing about Toca Life World is that you can play a variety of Toca Boca games, from Toca Office, Toca Hospital to Toca Kitchen and more.

In addition to bringing an online dollhouse, Toca Life World also includes the secrets in the games mentioned above. Here are some of the coolest secrets you can find in this educational game.

Secrets in Toca Life World you may not know

Sloth costume

Toca Life World
Toca Life World’s dream sloth collection

One of the secrets you can find in Toca Life World is a very nice sloth costume. You’ll find it in the center of Bop City’s archives. When you get here, keep going left until you see the No Sloth poster. Click on it to get the lazy figure costume.

Nari’s pet

Another secret that you can find at the warehouse in Bop City is Croquet – Nari’s pet. It is a cute, cloud-like creature. Entering the center of the inventory, you will immediately see a trail of food leading to the door of the warehouse. Go to that door and open it. Next, remove some of the items inside to see where the food bowl is. That is the area that contains many stains from food. You can easily find this location because there are traces of food bowls on the floor. Put it in there, Croquet will appear immediately.

Secret Crumpets

Crumpet is a collection of small, cute and popular creatures in the Toca Boca game world. While locating many crumpets is not difficult, some species need certain items to appear. One of the easier ways to find crumpet is to go to the storage center, under the manhole cover. Raise it up, you’ll see a lovely crumpet.

However, to unlock the hard to find crumpet, you need the help of the characters Zeke, Nari, Rita and Leon. In addition, these characters need to hold the appropriate item in the inventory to unlock secret crumpets. Here’s how to get crumpet in Toca Life World:

Some crumpet in the game Toca Life World
Some crumpet in the game Toca Life World
  • Sloth Crumpet – Zeke holds cabbage in his right hand and a disco lamp in his left hand.
  • Nimbus Crumpet – Zeke needs to hold french fries in his right hand and a yellow game controller in his left hand.
  • Midge Crumpet – Nari must be present and hold a cheese pizza in her left hand and a rose in her right hand.
  • Poop Crumpet – This Pet is unlocked when Nari holds a gold ornament in her left hand and a scroll of tissue paper in her right hand.
  • Octobox Crumpet – Rita needs this pet. She will have to hold an octopus ornament in her right hand and a soccer ball in her left hand.
  • Paulina Crumpet – Rita needs to hold the camera in her right hand and binoculars in her left.
  • Nora Crumpet – Leon holds a green gem in his right hand and a pink pillow in his left hand.
  • Pasta Crumpet – Leon holds sunglasses in his left hand and a yellow cell phone in his right.
  • Crumpet Crumpet – You need to put all of the above crumpets in a large yellow container.
  • Crumpet will suddenly appear with a suitcase in the apartment and a car with a trailer.
  • Tailor Crumpet – Leon has glue on his right hand and a box of markers on his left.
  • Salon Crumpet – Leon needs to hold the hair dryer in his left hand and pull in his right.

Here are some fascinating secrets you can discover while playing Toca Life World. Do you know any more secrets in Toca World? Please share with readers offline!

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