The most terrible blood-sucking monsters in League of Legends Mobile

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Not only in the game Arena of Valor, but any fighting game, monsters that can quickly recover blood or suck blood are quite powerful monsters. Therefore, these generals have the ability to carry a very formidable power. As we know, the health index is one of the decisive factors for the player’s victory, high health index and fast recovery, the ability to suck blood is also the basis for the general’s health. always high. However, not all generals possess a high blood-sucking ability in the game Arena of Valor. Below we will list you those super monsters to build a reasonable fighting strategy.

The hero has the most powerful blood-sucking in the Mobile League

1. Molach

Maloch is an extremely powerful general with the nickname Kinh Kong gladiator. Maloch possesses extremely powerful skills after casting the Demon Sword, Maloch will enter the Maou state, causing basic attacks to deal true damage equivalent to 170 physical ATK and recover 2% of his damage. In professional tournaments, this champion has always been in the right place with his ability to recover quickly, General Maloch himself is not equipped with a variety of weapons of damage but with the ability to suck blood and restore it. Become one of those frightening monsters.


2. Lauriel

Lauriel, also known as the angel of the temple from the Palace of Light, possesses the most terrible imprints in the Arena of Valor arena. This mark grants Lauriel the ability to slow and true damage to the target and restore health. As the angel of the angel, Lauriel’s blood-sucking level is always in the top, so the ability to defeat Lauriel is extremely difficult for any gamer participating in the battle. Ranking players will prioritize mid Lauriel and take advantage of passive to pry the enemy’s health, Pure Wings will reduce cooldown when used correctly, so try not to miss the muscle Assembly that not many generals have.


3. Arduin

Arduin is a fairly new general in the League of Legends, that is why most gamers cannot make full use of the strength that Arduin has in him. For an indestructible Soul with the power of Hell’s Ice Fire, Arduin can hit very well in the position of Solo on King Kong Road. Passive of the Blood Soul makes Arduin almost invulnerable in combat when he recovers 2% health if dealing continuous damage to enemies.


4. Lu Bu

Champion warrior Lu Bu is one of the gladiators that are too familiar in the game of Arena of Valor. It has been present in the arena in all League seasons. This general has an extremely solid position for the skill to increase damage and suck extremely terrible blood. With the battle god skill, Lu Bu is empowered, increasing his damage, adding 20% ​​resistance to the effect. Each time you use a basic attack or skill hit a target, you heal yourself. The effect lasts for 8 seconds.


With the champions above, you will become unbeaten in almost every battle. The main problem is the tactics you will use to get these blood-sucking generals in the game Arena of Valor.

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