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Talking Tom Cat 2 owns a relatively rich and diverse online store for players to freely shop and decorate their super cute Tom cat character. You need an Internet connection to explore and buy online, helping Tom cat have the most fashionable and stylish appearance, worthy of the red cat Angela.

Online shop in Talking Tom Cat 2 offers a lot of items for you to choose from, from costumes for the cat Tom to accessories and decorations. From the main screen, Click on the hanger icon in the middle right of the screen to access the Shop.

Explore the Shop in Talking Tom Cat 2

On the main screen of the item shop, at the top is the amount of gold that the player owns (You have 829 coins). Next to it is the button Get More Coins for you to earn more gold through a number of ways such as: subscribe to Newsletter from Talking Tom and Friends series to get 750 gold coins right away; watch promotional video to get 75 gold coins, buy $1.99 package to get 4800 gold coins and play games without ads or $3.99 package to earn 10500 gold coins and completely remove advertising banner; $9.99 package with up to 28000 gold coins; $24.99 package includes 74000 gold coins for you to buy freely. Finally, there is the Restore Purchase section for you to restore any of your purchased IAPs.

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Section My Items includes the items that you have purchased for the cat Tom. Note, the items that are being used for the cat Tom will have a green On button icon. You can turn On for any item to change Tom’s clothes, or switch to the red Off button to remove it from Tom.

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Section new including new items updated to the shop in Talking Tom Cat 2 game. Items will be sorted from newest to oldest, So the list above will be extremely hot items for you to buy for your Tom. Each item will have an illustrated thumbnail image with a price. If you want to buy something, click on the price to download it. After purchasing a new item, the item will automatically switch to a button state On blue color to equip Tom cat, the amount of gold you currently have is also subtracted an amount corresponding to the item’s price.

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Return to the main screen to see Tom’s new purchases. If you buy many items at the same time, including clothes, accessories, decorations… everything will appear right on the main screen.

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Section Hats includes many types of hats for you to buy for cat Tom. Includes Nerd hat with round glasses, Soda hat, long-eared Bunny hat, fruit hat, hot dog hat, firefighter hat, party hat, Ushanka hat, rugby player’s hat, hat pirate with red scarf, police hat, baseball cap, chef hat, surgeon hat, hard hat, Rasta hat, witch hat, Uncle Sam hat, flying pinwheel hat, Viking hat, Samurai hat, Western crown, conical hat and cowboy hat.

Hat Eyewear including 8 types of super cute glasses, very suitable for your cute and mischievous cat Tom. You can buy Tom stylish sunglasses, pink sunglasses, super romantic heart shaped sunglasses, prescription glasses, sweet purple candy color contact lenses, gold contact lenses, contact lenses blue leopard or pirate’s monocle.

Talking Tom Cat 2 players can Choose glasses and hats with the same theme as the outfit to define Tom’s unique style. However, this style can be changed every day to make it less boring.

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Go to section Accessories, you will get lost in an extremely rich and eye-catching clothing and fashion accessories store. Accessories include My Talking Angela T-shirt, School Sucks T-shirt, diving mask, I Like Tom T-shirt, My Talking Tom T-shirt, purple tie shirt, green plaid shirt , red bow tie, gold polka dot, silver earring, assorted nose and navel piercings, western cowboy slouchy belt, belt buckle, arrow, glow ring, angel wings.

Come home decor items, You can spend money to buy surfboards, picture frames of the flamboyant Angela, Christmas trees, couplets and red lanterns to welcome the new spring, tickets to Santa Claus or Halloween pumpkins.

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Don’t skip the item Seasonal with the Festive season items. Here, you can find brightly decorated Christmas trees with flashing lights, Santa’s beard, Christmas hats, reindeer horns, Easter egg hunting hats, traditional cheongsam sets. traditions, couplets and red lanterns to celebrate the spring, Santa Claus invitations, Halloween pumpkins or vampire accessories.

Talking Tom Cat 2 store includes hundreds of items with different prices for you to consider and buy for your cat Tom. Do not forget to change Tom’s clothes every day to experience the game more attractive through each style of the main character! Have fun playing the game!

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