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“Eating onions” face down just because playing games with a streamer is “banned”

Clix is one of the stars Fortnite youngest on the planet, stream His shows attract thousands of viewers every day. However, he will be forced to take a break Twitch in the near future, after receiving ban are from communication this.


Clix must take orders prohibit seven days from Twitch on 11/11 after gaming along with Zayn, who was banned indefinitely live stream on this platform. Twitch’s rules state that a set of streamer It is not possible to livestream with someone who is permanently banned from the platform.

Clix commented publicly on the ban, offering his defense. I said: “Great, got banned for seven days just for having Zayn in my stream. I muted him, changed his name. This is pathetic.”


Streamer Khanada was also “banned” for three days after playing with Zayn on November 8. This means that Tfue and his team cannot streaming their Fortnite Championship matches over the weekend.

This led Clix to question whether his week-long ban was fair. “How can Khanada get banned for three days and I’m seven days”he say.

Although the handling of these creator minor is more difficult but the ban on Zayn from Twitch is very public. Gamer Fortnite was kicked out of Twitch on October 29 after his third ban on the platform.

Clix’s channel was previously shut down by Twitch on August 17 after it was hacked. However, that time does not count towards Twitch’s three-time rule, which states that when a creator breaks it three times in a row, he will be permanently banned from the platform.


If nothing changes, Clix will remain banned until 11/18.

This means he won’t be able to stream Solo Cash Cup matches for Week 3, and his team will also be unable to stream Week 3 matches of the Fortnite Champion Series on Nov.

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