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Revealing the owner of the trendy iPhone 11 Pro of the My Nhan Dai War tournament

6:00 p.m. last night (November 11), the final match of the tournament Great War Beauty The second season has been held in anticipation of thousands of viewers who love the game Tru Tien 3D. With the extremely fierce competition between Contestant Vong_Vong and Si Tam, both contestants really made the audience satisfied with their extremely expensive skill solo.

The culmination of the final match was in the 3rd series of matches when both showed extremely high quality Demon Dao solo skills. With the release of extremely uncomfortable skills from both contestants Si Tam and Vong Vong, pushed the match to the climax. However, in the final moments of the match, Vong_Vong suddenly surpassed with a sudden stun phase, along with a series of extremely violent explosive combos, in just a split second Si’s nearly 2 million health. The mind has evaporated without a trace. This made both the audience and the caster team of the tournament also surprised by the extremely sweet turn-over from Vong_Vong.

Contestant Vong_Vong excellently overcame Si Tam to win the final.

Although Si Tam tried very hard, she only ended up in the runner-up position and suffered a bitter defeat before Vong Vong.

The ultimate Pk performance in the turn of the Demon Dao sect between Vuong Vong and Si Tam made many viewers excited.

In the series of matches for 3rd and 4th place, Contestant Banh Mi Bo Sua excellently won Asunayuki in both matches against the designated races, Hop Hoan and Thanh Van.

The reward of the Champion of the Great War will be an extremely stylish iPhone 11 Pro, along with a series of extremely attractive ingame rewards including: 10 million yuan, 9999 Sun Moon Essence, 9 tablets Nguyen Van 9 stone, Diep fashion is forever attached to flowers and the unique title of My Nhan Dai Chien Champion.

Extremely attractive reward combo for 4 contestants entering the semi-finals.

Adapted from the fanciful fairy tale based on the work of the same name by writer Tieu Dinh, Tru Tien 3D has classic details and the content of the game is reproduced as closely as possible with the novel version – the journey of adulthood of an ordinary teenager in the fantasy world of fairy tales.

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