Eastern Market Murder – The first AR game based on real murders

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Eastern Market Murder (Eastern Market Killer) is the title detective gamethe mysterious criminal comes from True Crime Games. The story of Eastern Market Murder is about the dark alleys of the city Melbourne, Australia based on real cases. In particular, the 120-year-old case is waiting for the players who play the heir of Sherlock Holmes to come to the answer.

Eastern Market Murder is the world’s first AR reality crime game that gives players real cases instead of fantasy products like before. Through this game, players can learn about the truth of some old cases and participate in the journey to bring them to light.

The game’s main story follows a murder that happened in Melbourne’s East Market in 1899. When a neurosurgeon and business rival committed a brutal murder in the family of a teacher. fortune telling. The player’s task is to bring these criminals to the dock after going around the nooks and crannies of Melbourne to collect evidence, track suspects and find information from old newspapers.

Players need to listen to their instincts and hidden detective skills to analyze and link the collected evidence. Players can also use voiced dialogues to probe witnesses and catch loopholes in their testimony. Additionally, players in Melbourne have an advantage over other players as they can get to the bottom of mysterious alleyways through a self-guided experience that takes around an hour and a half.

Eastern Market Murder is a premium game that has been released for iOS and Android devices for 4.99 USD (About 115,000 VND). Although it is quite expensive compared to other mobile games, Eastern Market Murder will not let you down when you put your time and money into it.

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