Nightmare will be the main villain in Dr. Strange 2?

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Maybe it’s because of the two hottest blockbusters in phase 3 of MCU to be Avengers 3 and Avengers 4Photo of Dr. Strange was covered quite a lot, he appeared in many scenes, which also affected the future direction of this character quite a lot. So so Marvel still slow to officially announce plans for a sequel to Dr. Strange. However, recently the main screenwriter of Dr. Strange in an interview with MovieWeb revealed some information regarding the concept for the second part of the movie.


In the immediate future, C. Robert Cargill is working with the director and screenwriter of the first part, Scott Derrickson, and they have a few new ideas they want to include. Dr.Strange 2. He said he wanted to bring the evil Nightmare – the ruler of the dream dimension, to become the main villain. However, this decision affects the character Baron Mordo in season one, as he will no longer be the focal character, but the villain will remain one of the key characters in the film. . Cargill further adds: “Me and Scott Derrickson haven’t officially started production yet Dr.Strange 2but I can say that, regardless of whether Nightmare appears in part 2 or not, Baron Mordo will continue to “engage” with Dr. Strange.”


Baron Mordo

Nightmare, also known as Edvard Haberdash, is one of the most “invincible” enemies of Dr. Strange. He is created from the nightmares of people, who eats people’s mental energy by invading dreams. He rules over a place called the “Dream Kingdom” also known as the “Dimension of Nightmare”. He’s strongest while in his dimension, but once he’s gone, he’ll be weaker and easier to defeat. In the comic series Dr. Strange Along with Dormammu, Nightmare are the two main villains as well as known as a feature of this series.


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