E3 2018 – Microsoft gives PUBG “golden pan” to participants

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To reschedule the annual E3 2018 event, which is held every year, at this event, every year major game companies will release souvenirs and exclusive gifts corresponding to their game themes. them, and of course the players participating in this event all receive those very attractive gifts.


And recently, the marketing director of Microsoft XBOX Aaron Greenberg introduced to fans the current popular title. PUBG about their very unique gift, which is a yellow mini-pan prototyped from the game.


PUBG is today one of the most popular games in the world, and the beautiful, prototypal items in the game are always sought after and collected by many shooters. With this gift, players must participate in the E3 event, you can see this gift is very cute and certainly if anyone owns it, it is really very lucky.​

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