Battlefield 5 – There’s no such thing as dropping female characters!

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Amidst the numerous details revealed during DICE’s recent livestream, the female element in Battlefield 5 mentioned again. A part of gamers continues to criticize the decision of the manufacturer when letting woman actor plays an important role in the trailer, as well as appearing on the poster of the official version. Many people “scratching the keyboard” vehemently protested, demanding “historical accuracy”.


In response to all these comments, DICE CEO Oskar Gabrielson affirmed the same thing: “First of all, let me be clear (to you) about one thing. Choices for players and female characters will be present here.” After a brief statement via Twitter, Mr. Gabrielson explained more clearly: Allowing character selection is important to DICE, as part of the process of providing in-game customizations. .

“We want Battlefield 5 representing all the people who have been a part of the great tragedy in human history, we give players the ability to choose and customize their own character.” Gabrielson concludes: “We (DICE) as a game studio, are committed to doing all we can to create a game that includes a lot of rich content. We always aim to push the limits, deliver unexpected experiences. But most of all, our games have to be fun!”

The CEO’s last sentence is an important point, because historical accuracy is one of the key factors mentioned by gamers in the controversy. They don’t realize that the series Battlefield which has always added more elements to the historical events that serve as the basis of the plot. The game inherently selects only a few elements and adds what the manufacturer feels is appropriate.

So far, gamers have seen Battlefield 1 many weapons were not used in the first world war, others were used only in certain situations. Not to mention the differences in the costumes, weapons of the factions, and many other details.

There is a high possibility that Battlefield 5 will continue to be implemented in the same way, not to mention the choice of customization is given to gamers – a factor that will certainly cause a lot of confusion with “historical accuracy”.

Battlefield 5 Releases October 19th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.​

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