Dying Light 2: The most realistic zombie game

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Dying Light 2 is a title zombie games Developed by Techland. In the pre-version released in 2015, during the day the player must traverse cities teeming with zombie virus-infected people in search of food and crafting weapons to fend off hordes of undead zombies. stop growing in number. In the evening, the hunters turned into prey, the zombies became more agile and dangerous than ever. What will players have to do to fight these zombies and find a way to live?


Continuation Dying LightTechland continues to develop a sequel to this game with the name Dying Light 2. If viewed from the topic, Dying Light 2 inherits a part of the gameplay from the previous version, and is a zombie game, but not stop there, zombie is just one of the ways to play in this game, players can choose from thousands of different ways to play, even the outcome of each person is not the same!


Osbidian’s father is in charge of the plot design of this game, the plot is also the central element of this sequel. The whole world in this game is moving and changing, each choice of the player will affect the structure and plot of the world in the game. The manufacturer chooses the enhanced Chrome Engine (the game engine that was used when developing Dying Light and Call of Juarez) to build the actions of the characters in this huge story game, the artificial intelligence system. creation and moral simulation system, for example, NPCs can really surrender or they can pretend. This is very similar to our current reality, when the world is gradually being ravaged by zombies, in the face of danger, how will humans treat each other? Will they cooperate to destroy zombies or sacrifice others to protect themselves? The player’s actions will affect the moral system, players will have different experiences and of course the outcome of each person is also different. I think this is also the point that makes this game attractive and diverse.

This game is expected to be released in 2019. Emergenceingame.Com will update readers with all the information about this game as soon as possible.

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