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On October 24th, Shroud did fan His surprise was announced that he would not live stream above Twitch more, but instead it will be Mixer.

He had some sessions stream on Mixer, achieving incredible numbers on his first stream, where he clocked 78,000 concurrent viewers while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This makes him feel grateful to his fans for their support and loyalty.


On October 26, the former CSGO gamer explained an aspect of Mixer that he prefers over Twitch, even though the two are pretty much the same.

When asked by viewers if streaming on Mixer feels different, Shroud replied: “I mean, you’re just streaming in the end. All I do is sit here playing games and interacting with you guys. So as long as you’re here, and you’ve been here. So there really isn’t a big difference. Mixer has a different user interface and a different community feel. I think the community sentiment is much better here.

Speaking from a streaming perspective, the two are similar, but Mixer’s community is better, it seems that Shroud likes his new “home” better. He also said: “But who knows what will happen in two years?”. He streamer This goes on to hint at the Mixer community – which is bound to happen to stars like him and Ninja – will have more growth potential, but also bring more challenges.


“I’ve seen Mixer growth increase a lot. But keep the community the same, it’s going to be as crazy as it is now, the Mixer community is awesome. Much better than what I expected.”

Currently, the audience of Shroud on Mixer will probably include fans who followed him communication New live stream. Therefore, it is less likely to jeopardize the streamer they are supporting. However, Shroud clearly believes that the Mixer community could become more dangerous as it grows and viewers begin to flock away from Twitch.

Some streamers have complained in the past about the dangers of Twitch chats and users, as the platform struggles to combat trolls and unwanted messages.​

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