Being told that playing games is “dirty”, a hot female gamer solicits to challenge all “men”

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Most of today’s online games have connections and gameplay that is mainly suitable for men and attracts a large number of male gamers to participate. But it cannot be denied that there are more and more appearances of “pink balls” in the game, including games of swordplay, plowing, and complex tactics. However, the increase in number has not completely erased most of the preconceived notions about girls play games. Forever bearing the reputation of hitting “chicken”, or even playing the game is “dirty” as a recent male gamer said.​


It can be seen that the guy used quite heavy words to talk about girls when playing games. Specifically, the object in question is the female gamer League of Legends and Arena of valor. For him, 80% of girls who play these two games are “dirty” and are delusional of strength by the ridiculous love quotes “boys like girls playing League of Legends because they look so sexy at that time”. Angry male gamer “Drop that logic and go back to normal for me and you guys, you guys keep playing games that look tired.”

The special thing is that after this post, he received a lot of support from other gamers with the same idea of ​​”respecting men and despised women” as above. It seems that the boys have forgotten one thing that girls have the same right to passion and play games as men, even that passion is much more passionate.


Before the above statements, many female gamers feel extremely frustrated when they are naturally “swallowed with chopsticks”. In it, a girl nicknamed Huynh Nhi personally voiced her response, even soliciting to challenge all “men” with the same opinion as above.

“Boys, you always think girls play League of Legends, playing Union is not equal to you, I invite you to form a team. The team fights with me all the time, the set of 500k/match proves the class, do you dare? That’s civilized behavior, not the kind of guy who wears a skirt like you SP or something.”


This challenge of the female gamer immediately attracted the comments of a large number of community members. In addition to some comments to stand up for her, however, it seems that most of them are anti-dame comments, saying that the male gamer’s article only mentioned 80% of girls playing games, not It’s completely “swallowing chopsticks and holding hands” so that she has to be so angry. “Oh, do you have a seizure? If I don’t, I think I’m in the remaining 1%, and that’s all I’m going to scream.” as a member to comment.


Along with that, many people have expressed doubts that both male gamers and female gamers are intentionally creating dramas to win likes, fame, or brain hacks rather than both are actually the same thing. people only.

The above question has not been determined, but it can be seen that the issue of girls playing games is a story that has caused many controversies and discussions. However, it is fair to say that women are increasingly proving their bravery in this field, even once the passion is extremely intense. If you do not feel impressed, accept to do a few solo bets to have a better view of their abilities!​

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