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One of the most recognizable names in the competitive history of CoD, Nadeshot initially made a name for himself while playing for OpTic Gaming before parting with the team and establishing 100 Thieves own.

After an extraordinary 2019 season that saw the 100 Thieves squad Call of Duty winning championships at CWL London and CWL Anaheim, Nadeshot decided to pull out of Call of Duty entirely amid a controversial switch to a league based on franchise Commerce. The 100 Thieves CEO has now shared his reasoning for the matter.


During the session live stream with the creators of 100 Thieves, The Mobson November 20, Nadeshot listed many factors that he believes will negatively impact the start of the franchise tournament in 2020.

“What do you think of the franchise given what happened before?”Mako asked a question to kick off the lively discussion.

Nadeshot replied: “I think franchising is a mistake. Paying teams $25 million to be part of the league when it hasn’t really grown is a mistake.”


Seeing the same view as many gamer professional, he continued his argument by stating that the “making teams fly all over the world to play 1 of the 5 series was a mistake.”

With the full schedule for the opening event Call of Duty League was recently revealed, many gamers were quick to voice their displeasure.

FormaL, a former Nadeshot teammate who was one of the gamers who took aim at the format, said it was a joke. “when organizing international events just to play a series for a few teams.”


“I love the Call of Duty community and I love the fact that all the gamers get paid a lot. I love the fact that Activision is at least trying to make a significant investment in esports, but the thing is, they’re not even on the same page as Infinity Ward.”

State of affairs statement Modern Warfare just a few weeks after its release, he pointed out that the game was clearly not designed with competitive play in mind, hampering the potential for the league in its first year.

“The developers actually said that they made this game so that a casual player would have a great experience and the best players would have a bad experience, they really said those things. .”


Concluding his argument, Nadeshot asserted that Activision’s lofty goals for Call of Duty League viewers were simply unattainable.

“The fact of the matter is that if OpTic didn’t play the finals, there would be about 40,000 people watching the tournament and they argued that if they created this tournament, they would have 500 thousand or a million viewers. that crazy Call of Duty fight.”

With the 2019 Overwatch League Activwatch final boasting a 16% increase in viewership compared to 2018, trends have certainly been elevated for franchise-based esports. However, the goal of reaching such a wide audience throughout the first season clearly made Nadeshot doubt their judgment.

Given a number of issues that have plagued Modern Warfare since its launch, it’s no surprise that a former pro worried about expanding matches would be a flop.​

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