Seen the bloody PVP battles in Bloody Spell

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Bloody Spell is a game developed by SuBor a game company in China and published by YiLong Game. This is a title role-playing game get the topic of martial arts online. The game possesses advanced 3D graphics, it can be seen that the game blends Western and Eastern styles extremely impressive. If you are a lover of poetic landscapes of the fairy tale genre, then this is not your choice.


The game has a color of ancient China, perhaps the developer wants to build the authenticity of the game rather than following the fantasy style in favor of beautiful scenes. That’s why joining the game is like experiencing a Chinese historical film and immersing yourself in battles, enjoying the feeling of a real swordsman.

The game has two main character classes, one male and one female for you to choose from, each character owns their own impressive martial arts moves, the game allows players to move freely, in BOSS battles or PVP are all controlled by the player. Perhaps this is the mechanism that is loved by many people because it can freely execute, strategize… Through the videos published by the developer, many players will be impressed with the extremely fighting scenes. Quality in the game, uncompromising, the winner is the king.


However, currently there is quite little information about the game because currently the game has not gone into the testing process so that players can have the most accurate evaluations, most recently according to an announcement that the game will be tested this year. A specific time has not yet been given. All the latest information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.​

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