Revealing a series of Pokemon that were “deleted” by the developer

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Pokemon is one of the most popular game series in the virtual world, nurturing the childhoods of so many generations of people… That’s why every secret, every Pokemon story is searched and explored by fans. end, so that nothing can pass their eyes. However, recently Pokemon fans have been stunned, a series of undisclosed Pokemon have been “hidden” by the developer for the past 21 years.


Accordingly, before Pokemon Gold and Silver officially released, Nintendo had a demo at its event in 1997. It was this demo that contained countless original Pokemon ideas and models that were “wiped out” when it was officially released. As is known, this Demo is set in the entire country of Japan instead of just revolving around a single area like the last game version. Perhaps because of the large scale and time-consuming development process, Nintendo was forced to cut the content in the original game.


But with a large context, there are also a series of Pokemon models that have never been seen before, such as Baby Meowth, Baby Vulpix .. or even a set of Pokemon in Eevee’s multi-type style, Flambear, Volbear, Dynabear. … Not only that, Ditto – Pokemon with remarkable transformation ability, can also evolve into a completely new shape. Some later Pokemon models were also changed as much as Girafarig.. which was a horse.. 2 heads. Perhaps dropping this feature of Girafarig was a right choice for Nintendo.

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