How Far Cry 5 “makes more” from your pocket

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Similar to any other game of this era, Far Cry 5 also owns a ‘microtransaction’ mechanism (which can be understood as fashion items sold for real money). Hate it? You can skip. But if you don’t mind spending money to buy your ingame character, then you are a potential customer of this mechanism.

Game purchase price
Far Cry 5 sold for $60. Paying this amount, you will be free to battle in the game’s open world, and also have the right to participate in multiplayer battles on self-created maps.


Of course, that is not the final price that players have to pay if they want to experience the entire game content. Far Cry 5 also has a $30 season pass package, which includes 3 expansions and early access to the remake of Far Cry 5. Far Cry 3 on PS4 and Xbox One on May 29. If you do not pay, gamers will have to wait until June 26.

What will you spend your money on (microtransactions)?
Microtransactions in Far Cry 5 are some of the weapons, vehicles, or equipment you can buy with a currency called the Silver Bar. You can also buy them with ingame currency, but it will definitely take a while to save and accumulate.


The most expensive items you can buy with the Silver Bar at the moment are some looks, a machine gun called the AR-C “Stars ‘N Stripes” and some eye-catching spray paint vehicles. . Each item requires 500 Silver Bar. Costumes, such as hats and jackets, are cheaper, with only 100 Silver Bars per item. The reason, probably because you will only be able to see your clothes when…dead, because this is a shooting game first view.

What is their actual value?


Silver Bar is sold in 5 different “packs”. The best value, the most expensive, is a pack of 2400 Bars for around $20. The cheapest one, 500 Bar, is equivalent to $5 in real life.

Can you earn all of them without paying?


As stated above, the answer is yes. Currently Ubisoft has not included any equipment only for Silver Bar. All of them can be purchased with virtual currency that you earn in the game. For example, a “cool” shovel called Optimism, will cost you $ 3600 (virtual) to buy. This is an inexpensive price, as gamers can easily earn more than $20,000 (virtual) after only the first 12 hours of play (passing about the first 3 maps). Players can also earn virtual money by hunting animals or cutting trees and selling them.

Can you earn Silver Bar by playing games?


Maybe. According to Ubisoft, there are up to 1000 Siler Bars divided into 25 packages (40 Bars each) and hidden everywhere in the game world. This amount of Bar is equivalent to about $10 real money. You will need to dig deep to earn this “free” money. Thinking positively, that means you got back $10 of the $60 you spent on the game.

Do they affect gameplay?
Technically, they do, but not by much. Appearance types have no stats, so they only make you prettier, not stronger. Some transports are equipped with additional guns, but the ingame vehicles themselves that you get after completing the mission are the same. The only thing that makes you a little stronger, is the gun mentioned above. However, objectively, the stats of this gun are not much stronger than regular guns.


In Far Cry 5 there is also a multiplayer mode where you can use the guns you buy. However, when playing in this mode, all weapons will have the same stats, so what you buy with money will only make you “stand out” from the crowd thanks to the “beauty”. stop.

Up to now, Far Cry 5’s microtransaction system seems to be very good and reasonable. Ubisoft hasn’t come up with anything that you can only buy for real money (except for the DLCs, of course). There is no equipment type that can affect the balance of the game. Therefore, it can be said that everything is still working well with Far Cry 5.​

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