Launching a new server Kim Long, Ao Kiem Wu Song introduces the Tu Long Confessions tournament

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Tu Long Sinh Ba is a team tournament in the framework of welcoming MCM Kim Long, with the participation of 08 teams, competing in a 4vs4 knockout format. With the reward of rare equipment set According to each tournament category for the teams to play, the tournament is considered to attract many talented teams to participate.


In addition to the opportunity to obtain excellent equipment, the Tu Long Confessions tournament also promotes the spirit and tactics of teammates in the 2D MMORPG. Unparalleled Pridewhich is known as the number one 1vs1 fighting arena ever.

Selecting suitable teammates

Indeed, the role of teammates in Unparalleled Arrogance cannot be denied. Although not appreciated by individual skills, but this is still considered a key factor to bring victory to battlefields, Territory Wars, …

Should choose compatible teammates

Therefore, the purpose of the Tu Long Song Ba tournament is not outside of creating a playground for teams to practice and prepare for the upcoming dangers at the new Kim Long server. Besides, this is an opportunity for the teams to recognize the members who will stick around for a long time.


If you encounter the types of teammates who talk a lot, talk long, talk constantly or when the whole team loses, then blame this person, that person without ever admitting it’s wrong, consider themselves the “umbrella” of the universe, … really bored. This is always the component that disturbs the team mentality.


Therefore, in order for the Tu Long Song Ba tournament not to follow the footsteps of the previous good people, the player Ngao Kiem Vo Song must find his teammates, working together towards the goal of winning the teams. is different.

Choose the right tactics

When there is a team that agrees with each other, players need to find their own excellent tactics to bring the highest achievement. Tu Long Xue Ba is a 4vs4 PK tournament, so team members need to make the most of the abilities of each faction in the team.

Wu Song Wukong has a lot of features that require players to use the same strategy as a talented military player

A standard team has both workers and buffs. The tournament time is quite fast, so gamers have to take advantage of every second. If you want to fight according to defensive tactics, choose high buff factions such as Nga My, Dao Hoa Dao, combined with the ability to withstand the real blows of Shaolin, Tieu Dao. The middle position will probably be for the middle class like Hoa Son, Nhan Linh. The remaining position can be for the factions specializing in damage such as Tieu Dao, Cai Bang, and Wudang. This is just a way to place a team in the tens of thousands of options in this tournament.

Ngoo Kiem Vo Song has just updated the August version with many attractive features

It is easy to reach the realm of a hundred matches and a hundred wins in a 1vs1 match, but it is very difficult to achieve such a goal with a team battle format. Fighting with 7 “recruit” teams will bring certain difficulties and challenges. So, current gamers who do not have a team, hurry up and find yourself “potential” members, practice tactics as soon as the new server Kim Long launches (September 8) to increase the possibility of winning. in the Tu Long Xing Ba tournament.

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