PUBG will “run smoother”, adding a new anti-Hack system

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For the gaming community, the 2 most prominent problems of PUBG Since the main pitch version 1.0 it’s performance and hacker. As for performance issues, even though compatibility has improved significantly since version 1.0, lag and even crashes out of the screen still happen to many gamers. Meanwhile, Hackers and “superhuman transformations” are still our obsession throughout the past time.

Standing in front of that problem Bluehole and PUBG Corp. have officially announced a very detailed plan to solve this problem. There this plan focuses on Game Performance Boost, Server Optimization and Anti Hack/Cheat.


With the performance enhancement when playing the game, the development team discovered that when moving on the vehicle, the vehicle’s interaction with different terrain will produce many unnecessary effects. Above all, the way the lighting effects in the game are handled is not optimized, causing the player’s graphics card to be overloaded. These two issues are currently being resolved by PUBG Corp and will be updated in the upcoming Patch.


In addition, many tweaks to increase stability from the player’s PC were also made. There with opponents that the player does not see the game will proceed to reduce a few unnecessary movements. At the same time, the mechanism of jumping over obstacles, skydiving as well as parachuting will be improved to reduce unnecessary effects.


About the problem Anti Hack/Cheat, PUBG Corp said that in the past months they have made significant strides in preventing this problem. There with the use of many different encryption methods PUBG was able to prevent many bad guys from entering the File Game. Not only that, they are also more agile in handling reported cases. Hack accounts now only take a few hours to be locked, not 1-2 days like before. Hack tool creators and operators are also facing the law, as shown in countless arrests by Korean and Chinese police in recent years. However, the developer said that they still will not stop until the Hack problem is completely eliminated from the game. The proof is that in the future PUBG will have more powerful anti-Hack methods.

Hopefully these changes and improvements will soon be applied to PUBG, so gamers can soon experience a pure Battle Royale product. Readers can join the discussion and share with the PUBG community and PUBG Mobile here:

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